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Top Reasons to Hire Full Stack Developers for MVP Development

  • By Agira Technologies
  • October 29, 2019

Are you postponing to extend your startup business idea because of insufficient funding? Test your idea with a minimum viable product. With this MVP, you can ensure that the money you are investing does not go meaningless. It is a safe area where you can test your idea before investing all your money in it. To develop an MVP, you should hire developers. Here are the top reasons why you should hire full-stack developers for MVP development.

What is MVP development?

A minimum viable product is the foundation of your business idea which acts as the base structure for your website or application. Once the structure is successful, then additional layers of features, user interface and experience can be enhanced according to the behavior of the users. A few reliable statistics state that 30% of the startups fail due to financial crisis and 85% of them skipped the MVP route.

Now you know how important MVP is for your business, now you need to take steps to develop one. So, you need to hire developers for MVP development. And, you have got two options.
You can hire different developers with varied skills sets such as

  1. UX designer
  2. Front-end designer
  3. Back-end designer
  4. Quality Analyst

And then you got to coordinate with everyone to complete the product.
Or, hire a full-stack developer with all the listed skill sets.

Who are full stack developers?

The full-stack developer is a developer with all major skill sets to develop an entire product, website or mobile app from front-end, back-end, database and everything that connects it. The full-stack developers can design everything for an MVP from designing to deploying. Generally, the MVP development includes 3 major layers.

Presentation layer

The presentation layer is what the user sees or uses. It is also known as the front-end development. Some of the technical skills required for front-end development are CSS, HTML, and JS. All of these technologies contribute to build the user interface of a web program.

Business logic layer

This layer deals with all the business logic that powers the front-end product. The business logic layer is the back-end development of the web application. To develop this layer, you need developers with expertise in server-side languages such as Node Js with Express Js, Ruby on Rails, Python with Django. And Java with Spring MVC would be an added advantage.

Database layer

The business logic layer and the database layer are both linked. The database is one of the crucial part of back-end programming. A full-stack developer can work with both relational and non-relational databases. Some of the most commonly used database platforms are PostgreSQL, MongoDB and MySQL

Top reasons to hire full-stack developers for MVP development

As we all know full-stack developers are all-rounders in terms of web development skills and knowledge. Here is the list of convincing reasons to hire a full stack developer for building your MVP.

1. An all-rounder to switch between technologies

With knowledge and experience in frontend, backend, and other technologies, they can switch between any of these technologies when it is required. The expert can resolve any issues with all of these technologies and do the right things required. If you hire an experienced full stack developers, they are aware of the probable errors that might occur and how to resolve it for getting better results.

2. Web management and maintenance are easier

Update or upgrade your MVP easily when it is ready to adapt to its users. The full stack developer himself is an expert who can do the upgrade professionally. A full-stack developer keeps himself updated with all the recent trends and technology to deliver the best product by optimizing it. Stay up to date with the help of full-stack developers.

3. Quick and reliable problem solving

When there is an issue with the MVP, you can resolve quickly with the help of full-stack developers. Even if you hire domain-specific experts, they might focus on the immediate solution for the problem rather than resolving the main root cause. With the wider knowledge of technology, full-stack developers are the right ones to solve the problem.

4. Inexpensive way to develop MVP

Hiring a web developer or a web development company can be expensive, especially for startups. So, you can hire freelance full-stack developers or outsource full-stack developers to develop your MVP. Also, it is clear that hiring a full stack developer is cost-effective instead of hiring 4 different developers with expertise in different technologies.

5. Timely delivery

Despite the number of full-stack developers, they are trained to develop MVP and deliver the project within the assigned time. Each member of the team, work together and divide the work responsibility among each other to deliver it on time. In addition to that, they also make sure the quality is not compromised due to the time-frame.
When you are ready to give a boastful start for your startup, get started by hiring a full stack developer to develop the MVP.
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