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Ruby on Rails- The New Name Flooding the Web Development Industry

  • By Agira Technologies
  • June 7, 2016

The Ruby language and the Ruby on Rails framework remains a major force in the entire world of computing and the driving force is the existing broad base and growing demand of Ruby on Rails programming in this field. With the Rails framework in business for more than a decade and the Ruby language under its belt for more than two decades, both the language and the framework have staked out specific territories for itself. Now, it doesn’t mean that they’re free from any challenges in the market, but what sets them apart is the way they keep fighting against the challenges to be widely accepted in the market. Simplifying things have been the sole aim of the modern technology, although it apparently doesn’t seem to be so. But that’s true, the language and the framework has been so popular since it keeps trying to make programming easy for the developers and also offers updated features whenever needed. Having contributed to these specific needs, the Ruby on Rails together have built a success story in providing straight forward ways of getting things done.

Most of the ROR development companies have used it to prototype the development of the Web apps within a short span of time which otherwise would have taken them longer. This faster yet smarter approach has enabled them to bootstrap a wide range of sites which has become common and familiar names in the entire Information Technology world, namely Twitter, Hulu and GitHub. For the matter of fact, the benefits of Ruby would not be known to anyone if it weren’t for Rails. While people even tend to belittle Ruby, even that is not agreeable. It would definitely have been a huge loss for the entire world of Information technology, if this great language would have got missed. The author of Rails picked up Ruby deliberately in spite of knowing its cons, but he gambled with it, and it paid off with massive interest. The IT world was quite worried with the liberty that Ruby allowed, since there were multiple scopes of misusing it. But it has designed counter-intuitive measures to avoid all the opportunities of mishandling it.

Most of the ROR developers have got deep respect for the pragmatism that one finds knitted in the DNA of the Rails at the basest level possible. As and when it combines with the benefits of Ruby, this pragmatism produces elegant solutions and even encourages the Ruby on Rails to provide the same. For the developers, who’re on the verge of beginning a career, it is essential for them to determine which particular programming language to start with. This choice will actually lead to how successful they will be, and how far they progress in career. With Ruby on Rails, the beginners find it highly prospective as most of the web development companies are trying to establish themselves as a ROR company in the market.

With the wide acceptance of the programming language, the experts believe that the growth is promising for ROR in the market, and there are multiple advantages that ROR has over the rest of the programming languages and that gives them the necessary edge. There’s always a scope of development for one, and it’s dedication and devotion in the work which leads one to success.

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