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Reasons Why Symfony Finds an Edge Over Zend in Web Development Services

  • By Agira Technologies
  • June 14, 2016

PHP as a scripting language has already given birth to multiple frameworks like the YII, the Cake PHP, the Code Igniter and many more that has actually accentuated the PHP framework and has helped the developers in working out complex web applications and website development. While given the option of choosing a framework, most of the PHP developers prefer choosing between the two most premium and popular frameworks, Zend and Symfony. But while developing a website, one cannot use both by parts and it is quintessential to drop down to one particular framework. So lets make a comparative study to find out which is more prone to efficiency.


Symfony is a typical PHP framework that is even based on the MVC archetype, and is an open source one that comes under the MIT license. At times there are situations when the developers need to repeat the coding task for one particular site. This is when the Symfony development comes to use. It gives the ample opportunity of re-establishing the codes repetitively and without any massive changes being done to the coding task. Symfony development in India is generally known for the low performance overhead cost while the projects deal with a particular environment that works mainly on supporting the byte code cache. Most of the web development companies prefer using the Symfony as they consider it to be ideal one for developing any kind of enterprise based app. The reason behind its popularity is, because of its easy configuration, the developer as well as the users find complete authority over it. There are multiple tools that accessorize it when which actually assist the programmers and developers to test, debug and get the documentation done completely.


The Zend on the other hand is considered to be the most versatile of all the PHP frameworks under the BSD license. Whenever a programmer looks for an object oriented framework, they prefer making the use of Zend which uses the MVC model from the very holistic level. The Zend works with the freely connected parts and gives the independence to work on a free at will architecture, and the MVC model in the framework supports the PHP based templates at the default level.

Ending Notes

But while comparing both, Symfony definitely has the lead over Zend since it’s the best for the beginners. With a huge database, and several authors to guide the beginners, it really gets easy for the readers to get acquainted with it. On the other hand, Zend is mainly targeted towards the professionals, and the documentation process itself lists for the use of the professional PHP developers.


There’s a lot more scope of work for the Symfony development companies in India because of the innovative levels that are open with this framework. The Symfony is the first available framework that has covered up PHP 5.3 and was solely responsible for Dependency Injection Container. Being armed with the debug tool bar, the framework already comes with multiple special properties which enhances the creative charisma of the programmers. There’s no doubt that both the development platforms belong to the same enterprise niche, but in the long run, the Symfony shares a fairer side as opposed to that of Zend. So it is essential that the companies choose it wisely depending on their needs.

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