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Pros and Cons of Ionic Development

  • By Agira Technologies
  • July 10, 2020

Entrepreneurs around the world want a top-notch mobile application for their business on both Android and iOS platforms. Most of them get stuck mid-way where they struggle to pick the best technology suitable for their business. They would be confused about which development technology and strategy to use. Each technology and development approach has its own Pros and Cons from which you will need to choose the right one for your business. If you think Ionic is the right cross-platform application development, here are a few pros and cons of Ionic development. 

What is Ionic Framework?

Being an open-source SDK for building Hybrid mobile applications in both Android and iOS platforms, Ionic is the best choice for building top of the line mobile applications. This Ionic framework is completely based on Apache Cordova and Angular. More precisely, Ionic is an npm module that requires the installation of Node JS to function.  
One can build a full functioning mobile application in both platforms using their Javascript, HTML, and CSS knowledge without requiring the basics of Kotlin or Java. More than 5 Million mobile applications are built using this Ionic framework by leveraging its platform-specific UI elements, innumerable libraries, and more exciting features. 

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The applications that are built using the Ionic framework are cross-platform, web-based, and have access to native device’s APIs. 
Ionic Applications are

  • Cross-platform – Single code base for both platforms (except native components)
  • Web-based – Built using web-views and can be displayed in a browser like PWAs. 
  • Access to native API components – They can access native device’s camera, files, and others.

Advantages of Ionic Development

Quick Development and Time To Market

For entrepreneurs and business owners, ionic development can be beneficial if they want to develop a mobile application in both platforms in a short period of time while comparing to native applications. Building native applications specifically for each platform can be time-consuming which can imply a delay in time to market and development cost of native applications are generally expensive.  

Browser Support – WebView 

Being a benefit for both developers and entrepreneurs, the ionic framework provides browser support for the application similar to PWAs to help marketers of the business. For developers, they can build the mobile application with their knowledge in Angular using web-views in the browser. Developers do not require any complicated IDEs or editors but only browser web-views to build the layout of the application. 


Ionic development requires only simple web development technologies such as Angular, Javascript, HTML, and CSS. As entrepreneurs, you will not need to hire new developers if you already have a team of Javascript developers in-house. You do not even need to train your developers with any new technologies to build an application for both platforms.

A Plethora of UI Components 

The Ionic Framework benefits the developers to enhance their productivity and to reduce the development time by offering them with the best plug-ins and UI components to make your app development more effortless. 

Native Plug-ins

There are a number of native plug-ins available to help developers get access to the native device’s APIs to provide the best ever customer experience to the users of the application. As the mobile application helps the application developers to make the most out of the native elements using these Native Plug-ins for devices from both Android and iOS platforms. 

Detailed Documentation and Support

Ionic provides you with detailed documentation and support. There has been a continuous support and updates are provided from the team of Ionic Native Framework. Being an open-source framework, it is supported by the best developers and contributors across the world. So, if you have any questions or doubts, you can easily get it cleared in the Ionic developer forums. 

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Disadvantages of using Ionic Development

There are a few disadvantages that come along with Ionic development. These are the areas where you will need additional concerns when developing your Ionic application. Some of the cons of Ionic development include the following.  

Unstable Native plugins 

Even though there are a number of native plug-ins that are available with the Ionic development, it is a tough time to find the stable native plug-ins. If you choose an unstable native plug-in, it can cause more trouble or errors when building the Ionic mobile application. 

Complicated Debugging 

From the reviews of the Ionic developers, it is considered that debugging in Ionic Native Framework can be complicated to spot errors easily. 

Not Suitable for Game Development

Ionic mobile development is best for developing business applications but not game development that involves high definition graphics and animations. 

Application Security

When you are developing an Ionic mobile application, it is a better choice to provide the best security services to handle security problems for both web and native mobile applications. 

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Now, you know the best benefits and disadvantages of the Ionic application, you can be able to choose the right technology for your business. 
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