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7 Reasons Why Python Beats PHP for Web Development

  • By Agira Technologies
  • September 5, 2019

Python web development is most preferred by developers compared to PHP. When it comes to backend development, PHP and Python web development are the most common choices that developers and businesses opt explicitly. But, there has always been a continuous struggle for every backend developer to decide which one is the best. Although most of the websites use PHP for programming, Python has been trending in the tech industry for the past two years.
Python vs PHP. If you are a PHP developer who prefers PHP over Python for web development, here is the list of advantages that you might not have thought. This blog is here to clear the clouds that make you think that PHP is better than Python. And how logically Python is better than PHP for web development.
Python web development

The top 7 reasons why python beats PHP for web development

There is no secret that PHP has been popularly preferable in the industry for many years. Here are the few things that you need to know about Python.

Well-built Design

Python’s design is quite simple, and it is a flexible language. The language is sensibly built to captivate backend programmers with its few flexibilities. For instance, a developer doesn’t need to pre-define data types of the variables, or it’s dynamical bindness. Although PHP is workable for experienced software developers, it might not be efficient and is time-consuming. Python fulfils all the eligibility criteria for being a robust programming language. Python web programming is also reliable as it caters to requirements of the python web developers and web development. Any classically trained developers can work on Python quickly and efficiently.

Ease of Learning

Based on learning, both languages are easy to work. They both are well-documented, hold proper IDEs for Windows, Linux, and MacOS. Being a developer, if you focus on long term reliability, then you will automatically go for a pocket-friendly option. Python fits your bill than PHP in the long run.

Benefits python web development

Superior Frameworks

Python web development provides excellent frameworks such as Django, Flask, Electron, and Pylons. Most importantly, Python takes the stack with its Django, which is the best framework for web development among developers. Many developers rely on it for its shorter development time and simplicity of the arrangement.
Other than Django, Flask for web development is prefered for its flexibility by beginners.

Enhanced Readability

If you are a carefree programmer, PHP codes can be very complex. In the case of Python, it enforces the developer to use proper indentation, which enhances readability. This factor helps when more than a developer is involved in the development process or a new developer work on a previously developed code.

Modest Syntax

Python’s syntax is simpler than PHP. Many businesses prefer python for its simpler syntax that can be understood by people with no or less technical knowledge. Python is nearly closest to English, so comprehending the code is easier.

Tools availability

Debugging can be very annoying for many developers. It consumes a lot of time to spot the errors and fixing them. When it comes to developing, every hour counts as money. With Python, many debugging tools are available to identify and rectify the bugs in no time. Python’s debugger (PDB) is well-documented. PHP’s debugger package XDebug is exceptional. The fact is that Python requires fewer tools than PHP.

Package Management Tools

It is a feature that allows the developers to write, build and share packages as a plug-in to other applications. Python’s package management tool (PIP) is exceptional with its codebase. It prevails PHP by enabling you to install, uninstall, use libraries easily. Python delights the developer with a list of all third-party libraries along with its version numbers. The package management helps you to view progress and organize, which means it is pretty handy to work.


Web development with python is more reliable, robust, and feasible for the developers. Python in web development plays a crucial role for the programmers in making things easier for them. Both PHP and python holds its own advantages and disadvantages. PHP is widely used for web development for a long time, and this is being taken over by python in recent days. Despite the ease of learning and using the languages, Python is trending up in the graph.
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