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MongoDB vs Firebase. Which is Better For Your Business

  • By Agira Technologies
  • December 13, 2019

MongoDB vs Firebase. When comparing MongoDB and Firebase, it is important to consider all the factors related to Document database. For an entrepreneur, choosing a technology stack can be a difficult thing. It is necessary to consider the front-end and back-end requirements of your App development. Especially, keen attention should be given to the database, as all the important data, details and documents are stored in it.
Every database provides features and solutions to different problems and needs. You just need to understand the requirements of your application development to choose the perfect fit. Here are few things to consider when choosing a database for web or app development. First of all, make sure that all the basic requirements of the database are satisfied. Then, list the requirements of your app development and check if that is justified. And compare tools before finalizing one. Here is such a comparison between MongoDB and Firebase.

Why should you choose a reliable database?

The backend of any website or application is referred to as the backbone as it supports the functionality of the application and any error in it might cause the application crash. So, ensure that you invest your time and effort in the right back-end development and its tools.
Usually, the NoSQL database is a non-relational database that is mostly used in real-time data and big data handling projects. Both MongoDB and Firebase, are two most powerful NoSQL database that offers exceptional backend server for your data.

differences between SQL and NoSQL databasesRead More: The difference between SQL and NoSQL databases.

What is MongoDB?

It is an open-source NoSQL and document database with efficient querying and indexing options. MongoDB offers excellent data storage and other features that captivates developers to use.

MongoDB Features

  1. Ad-hoc queries.
  2. Indexing.
  3. Replication and Duplication of data.
  4. Schema-less database (written in C++).
  5. Load balancing.
  6. Map Reduce and Aggregation tools.

Pros of MongoDB

  1. Schemaless- Other database systems have a number of tables and the relationship between them. Being Schemaless, MongoDB can hold different types of documents in a single collection.
  2. It has robust sharding and scaling capabilities.
  3. MongoDB’s document-oriented storage uses JSON formats.
  4. It is flexible (Changes has no impact in the application) and can be integrated with Bigdata Hadoop.
  5. As SQL injection is not possible with MongoDB, your data is secure.
  6. Uses JavaScript instead of Procedures.
  7. Provides high-performance and easy to store any size files.
  8. Easy administration of failures.

Cons of MongoDB

  1. Indexing and searching can be better.
  2. No existence of function or stored procedure.
  3. Middleman hosting arrangements and complex queries

What is Firebase?

Google Firebase provides backend-as-a-service with complete data management solutions to build web and mobile applications. Firebase is designed to cater to the needs of cross-platform applications in handling real-time data. It has a background connectivity database service called Cloud Firestore that captures all the changes in the database.

Firebase features

  1. Cloud Firestores
  2. ML kit
  3. Cloud Functions
  4. Cloud storage
  5. Firebase Auth gives various techniques to authenticate, including email login or third-parties like Google, Github or Facebook.
  6. Advanced tools for web hosting and a free SSL certificate
  7. An efficient database that syncs with real-time changes.

Pros of Firebase

  • Easy to use features likes Google, Facebook, and Github authentication, real-time data sync, and push notifications.
  • Ready-made API is easy to synchronize across devices
  • Built-in security at the data node level and assures no sudden meltdown during heavy traffic.
  • Google cloud back up.
  • Superfast CDN for Static file hosting.
  • Highly scalable.

Cons of Firebase

  • Limited query abilities.
  • You cannot transfer your SQL chops.
  • No complicated installation procedures are required or involved.
MongoDB Firebase
Performance Highly performing Better
Languages Supported Java, JavaScript, NodeJS, Perl, C, C#, Python, PHP Java, JavaScript, Objective-C, PHP, C++, NodeJS, Swift
Server operating systems Windows, Linux, Solaris, OS X Hosted
Security More secured than Firebase Secure
APIs and other access methods Proprietary protocol using JSON Android, iOS, JavaScript API, RESTful HTTP API
Ideal for Large-scale applications Small-scale applications
Top clients Adobe, eBay, EA Games, Bosch Duolingo, The New York Times, Alibaba
Pricing Free if you configure it in your own server, paid for a serverless version. Free and paid plans are available with flexible rates.

As already mentioned in the beginning, every database is built to provide solutions to different needs and problems. Therefore, each database has its own pros and cons. So, MongoDB gives you the quickest database handling and firebase is meant to provide real-time data updation and management solutions. Choose a database by considering all the features, pros, and cons with respect to your project requirements.
After all, It is more crucial to hire the right MongoDB developers or Firebase developers who are experts in handling back-end development and data handling.

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