Laravel Eloquent Relationship Part 2
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Laravel Eloquent Relationships – Part 2

In our previous blogs, we had clearly discussed about the Laravel eloquent relationships and i also addressed you guys that i will continue this topic in part 2. So as i promised, here am releasing you the another part of Laravel Eloquent Relationship and this time, we’re bit close to cover all the concept of Laravel Eloquent relationships.

As you all know laravel eloquent relationships are powerful and easy method introduced by laravel for helping developers to reduce the complexity of connecting with multiple tables. While connecting with multiple tables, this method is very easy for developers for creating the application.

Here you can see the next three methods of the eloquent relationships.

  • Has Many Through Relationship
  • One to Many Polymorphic
  • Many to many Polymorphic


Has Many Through Eloquent Relationship

Has many through is bit complicated to understand so am providing a shortcut method to access data of another mode relationship. Therefore, we can able to create users table, post table, and countries table and they will be interconnected with each other.
Here we will see Many through relationship will use “hasManyThrough()”in relation

Create Migrations


Users Table



Posts Table


Countries Table


Create Models


Country Model


Now we can retrieve records by


One To Many Polymorphic Relationship

One to many polymorphic relationships used one model belongs to another model on a single file. For example, we will have tweet and blogs, both having a comment system. So we need to add the comments. Then we can get to manage both in a single table.
Here we will use sync with a pivot table, create records, get all data, delete, update and everything related to one to many relationships.
Now I will show one to many polymorphic for that we need to use “morphMany()” and “morphTo()”in relation.

Create Migrations


Posts Table



Videos Table



Comments Table



Create Models

Post Model



Video Model



Comment Model



Create Records


You could see the retrieved records like below,


Many To Many Polymorphic Relationships

Many to many polymorphic is also a little bit complicated like above. If we have a tweet, video and tag table, we need to connect each table but every tweet and video will have multiple persons to tag. Also, for each and every tag there will be multiple tweet or videos. So how we can connect each other and maintain the relationship for each?
Now you can understand the concept of creating many to many polymorphic relationships here, with a foreign key schema of one to many relationships, use sync with a pivot table, create records, attach records, get all records, delete, update, where condition, etc.
Here “morphToMany()” and “morphedByMany()” will be used for many to many polymorphic relationships

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Creating Migrations

Posts Table



Videos Table



Tags Table



Taggables Table



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Creating Models


Post Model



Video Model


Tag Model



Creating Records


Now you can see the retrieved records,

Hence we completed all the relationships. this feature is introduced from laravel 5.0 onwards and till the current version. Without a model, we can’t able to do this relationship. If we are using eloquent relationship, it will be very useful while developing an application.

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