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JavaScript Vs TypeScript Vs CoffeeScript – A Detailed Comparison

  • By Agira Technologies
  • July 22, 2019

JavaScript Vs TypeScript Vs CoffeeScript – It’s too hard to find a developer who says no to these languages! As these languages remains pillars of modern development and helps in producing dynamic web pages with more user interactive options.  Many of us still don’t have a clear idea about these languages and it’s advantages so this blog aimed to clear all your doubts & guide you with everything you must know about JavaScript, typeScript & CoffeeScript.

What is JavaScript & Why you should use?

JavaScript is the most dynamic and highly addressed client-side scripting language used to bring more asynchronous & dynamic effects on web pages.
Sometimes, it might not give us host support but we can use other frameworks like Node.js to completely leverage the benefits of Js and it works better with other frameworks too.
With help of ES6 compiler, now it supports server-side languages too. One thing you should know about JavaScript is that it supports all modern browsers.
Apart from these, JS also plays a major role in mobile app & game development.

Advantages Of Javascript:

  • It’s a client-side language but it also supports server-side languages too.
  • Easy to debug & fix
  • JavaScript requires no compilation
  • Platform independent
  • Event-based programming language
  • Boosts rapid development & easy to learn
  • Increased user interactivity
  • Provides rich user interface

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What is TypeScript & Why you should use?

TypeScript is an open-source language maintained by Microsoft that has complete language support. Also, It is another dynamic language used for both server-side and client-side web applications.
TypeScript has the optional support for static type checking so it would be so easy for you to work with other external JavaScript libraries.
Since it remains a superset of JavaScript so it’s typically very close to JavaScript and gives fuller support to generate the JavaScript as well.
It’s new version 1.0 recently got released in this year April.

Advantages of TypeScript

  • It’s used for Client-side server language
  • It is an object-oriented programming language
  • The best option for large scale projects
  • gives ECMA Script 6 feature support
  • It’s a superset of JavaScript
  • A clear interpreted language provides fuller support

What is CoffeeScript & Why you should use?

CoffeeScript is a dynamic programming language which is considered as the “Simplified JavaScript”. Moreover, it’s comparatively easier to learn when you understand the concept and it’s a plain JavaScript concept that aims to run as fast as possible.
In CoffeeScript, the variable scoping got improved far better that you don’t have to declare a variable, you just have to type the desired variable and it will be declared in output.
Basically, CoffeeScript is a bit close to python and ruby so it would be a lot easier for you too if you have a fundamental knowledge of Python an Ruby.

Advantages of CoffeeScript:

  • It’s a reliable programming language
  • Supports to write dynamic programs.
  • Provides aliases for most of the operators which makes the code readable.
  • It is also easy to maintain the programs written in CoffeeScript.
  • Provides chained Comparisons
  • Object Iteration
  • Parallel assignments
  • Easy to understand
  • Easy to read & maintain the code
  • Comprehensions

Clear! not enough? Like to discuss more about these Javascript & other frameworks with our experts for better development? Post us your queries in comments below or click here to contact our experts for business guidance.

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