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How To Develop A Healthcare Mobile Application For Hospitals

  • By Agira Technologies
  • March 5, 2020

The evolution of technology has paved the path for many innovations in the healthcare industry. Mobile technologies have proved its excellence in all the major sectors. And definitely, mobile applications are striving to improve patient care. Due to the outbreak of harmful diseases around the world, there is a consistent need for technology innovation. Due to this chronic disease, 40% of doctors believe that these mobile tools can reduce the number of on-site clinical visits. So, every hospital requires a personalized mobile application to improve patient care instantly and efficiently. 
According to a recent study by Statista, the digital health market is about to boom till $206 billion by 2020, specifically mobile and wireless technology. If you belong to the healthcare industry, you should read this article before considering a mobile application for your hospital. 

Why should you consider developing a mobile application for your hospital?

The requirement for high-end technologies never ends, especially in the healthcare industry. Here is the list of benefits that a hospital as well as a patient gains from a personalized mobile application. 

  • Easy access for the patient to find healthcare specialists.
  • Contact a large number of doctors through mobile.
  • Maintain patients health reports.
  • Effortless and secured online payments.
  • Remote appointment scheduling.
  • Push notifications on new medications available.
  • Connecting doctors together to improve patient care.

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You can develop a healthcare mobile application for any purpose or challenge that your healthcare institution is facing. Depending on your challenge, a solution can be provided with the help of a personalized mobile application for your hospital. Here is the list of features that you can add to your healthcare mobile application for your reference. 
Before talking about the features of the mobile application, it is important to categorize your application requirements. You might require two different applications. One for patients to contact doctors or the health care institution. And the other is to connect different doctors, specialists, nurses and other healthcare professionals at the same place to improve patient care. 

Patient Healthcare Mobile Application Features

  1. Patient Portals – This feature is to record the details of the patient from their symptoms, medical health condition, personal data and other important details required for the treatment. 
  2. Appointment Scheduling – This feature lets the patients book appointments with doctors and other health care specialists to consult with them. 
  3. Online Consulting – In case of emergency or if the patient couldn’t able to visit the hospital nearby, they can consult with the doctor online and get an e-prescription. 
  4. Test Result Announcements – The patients can get their medical test results or diagnostic reports without needing to come to the hospital directly.
  5. Patient’s Feedback – The patient can give their feedback through this feature to help the doctors understand the efficiency of the medicines they prescribed. 
  6. Payment gateways – Once the patients are done with the online consultation, they can now pay their consultation fees through online payment gateways integrated with the mobile application.

Patient Healthcare Mobile Application Features

Doctors Healthcare Mobile Application

  1. Telemedicine/ e-prescriptions – Without requiring to meet the affected person directly, the doctor can prescribe medicines to the patients with the symptoms they mention. The chat feature would also let the doctor inquire more about the patient’s condition to understand the problem and then treat it accordingly.
  2. Medical Alerts – The doctors can get a push notification about the latest medical innovations and other important alerts. This notification would also let the doctors know about any new medications that are available in the market easily and at the affordable price.
  3. Patient Data – This feature lets the doctors understand the complete health profile of the patient that they are treating and also their medical test reports. 
  4. Doctors Networking – The connectivity between different doctors helps themselves to improve their patient care. 

Doctors Healthcare Mobile Application

Management Healthcare Mobile Application

  1. Hospital database management – The feature is to manage the data of all the patients, doctors, healthcare specialists, nurses, laboratories and all the others together.
  2. Appointment management – The appointments between doctors and patients can be automated according to the availability of healthcare specialists. 
  3. Finance and billing management – The payments that are done by the patients, hospital finance managements and other accounting details are managed with this feature.
  4. Laboratory data management – The laboratory data management is done with this feature from feeding in test reports to sending it to doctors and patients.

Management Healthcare Mobile Application
Build a mobile application for your hospital or healthcare institution. Ensure that you build a high-end mobile application. It is also important to hire skilled mobile application developers or pick the best mobile development company. Describe your application requirements to the development team clearly and concisely. An ideal healthcare application should replicate your requirements into features.  These features got to be easily accessible for the healthcare institutions as well as the patients. 

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