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Flask vs Django: A Comparison Of Python Frameworks

  • By Agira Technologies
  • September 30, 2019

Flask and Django are the two most popular among the Python frameworks used in Web development. It is important for the Web developer to choose the most suitable framework for his project. If you are making the right decision, you save a lot of time, efforts and cost. You can also easily scale your business efficiently once you start to acquire new users.
If you want to build your next software project in Python and want to know which is better in what. Here is a detailed comparison of Flask vs Django. In this blog, you’ll understand how and where you can use these technologies for business requirements. It has become more essential for web developers to know the differences between the frameworks. Let’s see which is more relevant to your development. FLASK or DJANGO!
Flask is a lightweight and extensible whereas Django is a full-stack web framework for Python. Flask provides a good set of extensions to match the capabilities of Django. It doesn’t provide an ORM as Django. You can also develop an MVP for business in lesser time with Django. Flask is quick but it is a whole different story for front-end.
Flask is a micro-framework, comes with a basic set of tools for authorization and functions one thing at a time. Django is a full-featured Model View Controller framework. It developed in batteries-included approach. It allows programmers to use third-party tools and libraries to accomplish common development tasks.

Flask vs Django – Which is the better Python framework?

Flask vs Django

Final Thoughts

Both Flask and Django are being used by famous websites. Developers can take advantage of building robust applications, which more complex requirements can be accomplished with Django. At the same time with Flask you can develop static and simple websites, Flask allows you to customize and extend the option based on your project requirements. Flask vs Django, both have their own advantages and disadvantages.
In most cases, the choice of Python framework depends almost entirely on your project, especially the business context.
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