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How To Develop A Location Based App – A Complete Guide

Every single day some new ideas pop up from nowhere. With the increase of smartphones and digital maps, a lot of innovative industries are skyrocketing globally.   But what are location-based apps? An applicati...


Top 6 Technologies Crucial For Smart Cities

What are Smart Cities? It is a digital urban area that is modernized and uses a wide range of devices to collect information and data for a higher quality of life. The IoT devices are used to manage the assets ...


How The Fusion of GIS And Internet of Things (IoT) Transform Lives

In the Digital era, evolution in technologies motivates and inspires us to live a better quality of life. Digitization has made once the impossible visions come true. Internet of Things (IoT) and Geographical I...


The Evolution of Google Maps

Digitization has transformed the world of maps. Technological advancements do the tricks into our life by changing our regular life into a digital space. They made our daily work more accessible, and every acti...


7 Major Geospatial Technology Trends For 2020

Geospatial technology is a term relating to the collection or processing of data that is associated with geographic mapping & analysis of the Earth and human societies. Some of the widely used Geospatial te...