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The Competitive Advantage of Geospatial Innovation

Geographic Information System (GIS) is a framework for understanding the modern developments and infrastructures related to the spatial and non-spatial data. Like any tech, GIS technology has upcoming advanceme...


UAV/ Drone Lidar: GCPs vs. RTK vs. PPK

Today the advancements of LiDar grow gradually day by day for its high-quality accuracy and its cost-efficiency. If you want to know more about LiDar and different modes, you can read it here. In this article, ...

Lidar technology

What is LiDAR Technology And How Does It Work?

What comes handy for you to reach the place you don’t know? Exactly, we are talking about maps and the driverless cars. Are you aware of the technology behind this whole exciting invention? No matter yes ...

GIS in Urban Planning

Geographical Information System (GIS) in Urban Planning

Urbanization is the new threat the world is facing! It is one of the major challenges for both developed and developing countries in the world today. As the expansion of the human population and their settlemen...