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8 Benefits of Using Ruby On Rails For Web Development

  • By Agira Technologies
  • May 8, 2018

Literally, thousands of programming languages have been released over the decade. Apparently, It’s quite hard to identify the one among the thousand that precisely fits for the web development.
It’s required to move around dynamic frameworks & languages to fill the various needs of web development. But it’s still complicated to move around all the frameworks. Let’s think of finding one right place that provides all the integrated support for the entire life-cycle of web development. No more Searching! Yes, we have a choice for you! As spotted on the title, Let’s outline the benefits of ruby on rails for web development.
See what Tobias Lütke CEO of Shopify says about ROR,
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Gem Of Libraries

Ruby on Rails has a special gem’s that leverage the third party libraries which remain a good source for developers. All these modules and gems are the core value of Ruby on Rails which helps developers to implement any features in their web application. Plus, that’s another primary reason why the applications are developed ten times faster than it’s expected.
Possibly Ruby will cover all the modules, just in case when any particular Gem is not available then no worries. You can always find the roaring’s community of Ruby on Rails Developers. Yes that’s where the Massive community of Ruby on Rails will take place in. Ruby on rails are silent roarers exists all around the world. Once they get in, they could able to build a new gem in short time or less than an hour you think. All these Ruby Gems are kept open to everyone. yes it’s publically available and you can easily access it through Rubygems

Less Code, More Effective

Writing a structured, user-friendly code is not an easy task. To overcome the complexities, Ruby on rails is exclusively wrapped with the wider range of ready to use plugins, tools, modules, which helps developers to write less code that brings more quality. So the developers need not spend more time on boiler-plating the code.
Above all, It’s result proven that Ruby on Rails helps developers to build applications 40 % faster than the other programming Languages. One of the great fact about ROR is that you could develop MVP faster yet smarter.
Unlike other frameworks. ROR will help you to check the feasibility of every project, and then & there it can aid you to address the errors quickly when it’s required.

Supports Scalability

Scalability is what every business will thrive when they think of mining the best frameworks for web development. With ROR you can achieve scalability and diverse needs of users even it gets more visitors.
We all knew that scalability is the most crucial yet not easily attainable factor. But before concluding it, beware that ROR let you build scalable products and all the big companies top scalable Applications are built by ROR.
ROR is scalable and more predictable that Remains great platform for refactoring the codes. Thus will let you modify or add more inputs to make new features in the application.
In addition, The other satisfied factor you will read is, Ruby on rails maintains the comfort for coding conventions. Which is more comfortable for developers to switch the application and take over at any phase of development. And what makes the code more structured and clean is developers who maintain the standardized file storage & coding conventions

Ruby on Rails is the match made for Web Development

ROR is ideal for web development that truly supports plug and play development, which means the elements of an existing application can be integrated into the new application regardless of dependencies.
Basically, ruby on rails has collection of built-in shortcuts that will let us to build concurrent web applications. So even it would lead to Learn Ruby on Rails easier and faster. Another trait of ROR is, it’s endowed with integrated tool support which can help us to quickly address issues which arise at an earlier stage of the development.

Provides Strong Security

Image result for benefits of ruby on rails
It’s not all about the technology; Another benefits of Ruby on Rails is, it encourages the greater security and workflow for creating excellent products. It pays special attention to the Secured development process which owns robust security features which are built in and enabled by default.

Promotes Bug-Free Development

Besides security firewalls, ROR also has some excellent testing features which collaboratively follows the test-driven development (TDD) and behavior-driven development approaches. This testing feature includes various aspects like expected syntax, mocking, benchmarking and so on.

A Perfect full Stack Solution

Related image
ROR allows to performs both front end and back end solutions. Which means one ruby on rails developer can build an entire web application without relying on others for building back-end service. Surely, Learning ROR would be the fruitful journey to you. It’s because, on the go of learning ROR you will end up learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript too.

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Supports Industries Best Practices

You don’t have to run behind the languages which have an unorganized approach for handling & coding products. With built-in features like Restful resources, MVC Framework, testing features, modules, you can implement all the industry best practices at one place that results in producing impressive websites.

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Ruby has its own standards and features which will drag you to choose it for your next project without having a second opinion.
Want to explore more about Ruby on Rails and other services. You are at the right place to explore both present and future technologies, Ruby on Rails developers at Agira Technologies excel in evolving technologies up-to-date, stay updated with us for more technical updates and blogs. Don’t forget to post your interest and impressions in the comment section.

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