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11 Javascript Utility Libraries You Should Know In 2018

  • By Karthiga M
  • August 16, 2018

Surfing through the strongest and widely used programming languages in recent times, Javascript is raising top on the list. We have been using various utility libraries for past years. But deciding this libraries to use or making a right choice will always been hectic a task for us. So today our experts from Javascript team concluded to come up with the 11 javascript utility libraries we should know in 2018.
Let’s discuss it one by one!

1) Moment/date-fns

Date-fns is a javascript library which is used for date and time manipulation for formatting the dates, time. Also for validating and parsing the DateTime values. Also it is designed to work with both browser and in Node.js. Fortunately, it has more than 130 functions to manipulate the date in the browser and Node.js. It supports both flow and Typescript, alongside it also support dozens of locales(I18n). No matter what we pass, be it a timestamp, string or date object, it will always return the date in the same time zone. Moreover, it works with module bundlers like webpack, Browserify, or Rollup and tree-shaking. That’s why nowadays most of the developers want to use this library instead of moment.js. Now, this library is most needed one for manipulating operations with date and time.

2) ChartJS

With ChartJS we can represent the data visualization in 8 different ways. It’s a HTML5 based javascript library for creating and animating the user data with diagram representation. In addition, we can create the web pages with chartjs by default. It used to set up the data with chart easily. And, It doesn’t have any browser compatibility issues. Even it would be compatible with the older version of the browser. Alongside, We can create charts in the modern browser just by giving a simple html <canvas> tag.

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3) CollectJS

CollectJS is one of the dependency-free wrappers to work with array and objects in the javascript. Especially, designed to build the strict equally. It’s functionality and methods are mostly identical to Laraval collection 5.5. Also, Laravel performs “loose” comparisons and offer several “strict” comparison methods by default. However, we cannot see this method in collect.js because here all methods used are strict by default.

4) HighCharts

Here comes the another interactive and most important charting library. This charts does not require any other external library dependency. This also based on HTML5/SVG/VML only. It supports to work with a wide range of charts like a spline, column, bar, maps, angular gauges charts. HighCharts provide non-commercial for free users and commercial for paid users.

5) MathJS

It is extensive of math library which could be used for javascript and Node.js. It provides a flexible expression parser to support symbolic computations and has large set of built-in functions which provides an integrated support to work with different types of data types like numbers, complex numbers, big numbers, matrices, units, and fractions. Math Js can be easily used in any browser, node.js and in any JavaScript engine.

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6) Mo JS

One of the simple yet best animation library used to create any sophisticated motion graphics and web animations. It provides a declarative syntax motion. It’s been built by simple declarative APIs so it’s also compatible with cross-device browsers.

7) Hover(CSS)

Hover is an another interactive CSS library which comes with the collection of CSS3 libraries. Powered hover effects to applies on the button, tags, links, logos, images. Currently, this library is available in various format of CSS, Sass, and LESS so we can just copy and paste the library codes and we can directly use it in our CSS codes.
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8) Lazy

On the list, Lazy is a is an another functional utility library that comes with the lazy engine. We can create an initial sequence using Lazy, which will accept an array, object, or string. It will wrap the objects and will return it as a sequence so it will also help in increasing the performance of the app. On the bright side, this will not require any third party library to initialize it in project.

9) Ramda

This Ramda library is designed to use for functional programming and will help us to create easy functional pipelines, that don’t mutate end user’s data. It will allow us to build new functions from old ones without the need of supplying final parameters. another advatage is, it provides immutable and side-effect free functions.

10) Three Js

This is also one of the popular library for creating 3D animations. luckily, this library will help us to create rich interactive experiences animations in different devices and browsers.It powers a set of html tags like <canvas> tag, <svg> tag, CSS3D and WebGL renderers to create an element.

11) Underscore & Lodash (dah)

Underscore library is built to provide utility functions for common tasks in Javascript. Lodash is build to provide more consistent consistently across all major browsers irrespective of their versions and provides iteration support for strings, objects, arrays, and arguments.
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