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10 Mind-Blowing New Technologies That Will Change the World

  • By Agira Technologies
  • November 30, 2020

We live in the age of innovation, and emerging new technologies are making our lives easier and more comfortable. Our lives are highly influenced by smartphones and social networks, which will be more likely to continue. Technology has the power to change the world. We share some of the mind-blowing technology improvements that can transform our lives, and you can expect to see in the upcoming years as many of these are already in development.

1. Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial Intelligence is a technology that has been experimented with for the past couple of years. The usage of AI and automation tools is increasing. In the coming years, the machine can vote on the boards of large companies. These inputs from the system will be increasingly relevant in decision making as assertiveness can offer reliable results. Some of the world’s biggest brands are increasingly turning to AI to serve customers strongly and reduce costs.

2. Driverless Vehicles

Driverless cars are a well-known fact that is yet to reach our reality. As driverless cars are rapidly evolving, the common man might get access to a self-driving car by 2021. At the same time, automakers like General Motors, Tesla, and Volvo have developed semi-autonomous vehicles. Meanwhile, Uber is leading the development of flying vehicles with NASA with an air traffic control system. This program is expected to launch in the middle of 2021.

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3. Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has been a controversial trend that is growing to be mainstream. Some big hedge funds are betting on Bitcoin, which means we are beginning a cryptocurrency revolution. With cryptocurrency, asset owners can sell a fraction of their assets and coordinate ownership through blockchain-based tokens. This way, sellers can make illiquid assets liquid and gain control of diverse asset portfolios.

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4. Quantum Computing

Today’s computers are powerful, but they still have some considerable limitations. It is difficult to process the machine learning problems as the computer uses a series of zeros and ones to communicate information. The quantum computer relies on quantum bits to carry information, allowing processing the datasets better than traditional computers. Quantum computers can help in producing machine learning breakthroughs and develop supercomputers.

5. Regenerative Medicine

The made to order body parts are no longer only the part of science fiction movies. Doctors have already producing body parts that grow strong enough to support an implant to a patient. This new lifesaving technology will become mainstream and widely used for organ replacements at hospitals. A company called Organovo has developed a printer capable of printing 3D body parts. 

6. 3D Printers

3D printers are nothing new, but the potential of the usage is blowing up. Even though three-dimensional printers did not grow as expected with individual consumers, the adoption of 3D printers in industries is increasing. 3D printers help them to develop products way more quickly and introduce them into the market at a lower cost. By 2030, more than 5% of the manufactured products will be printed with 3D printers. As the costs fall, the possibilities of use will only accelerate.

7. Internet of Things

Now, more things are connected to the internet than people. With limitless connectivity between objects, the number of devices that the connection in residence is increasing rapidly. Whatever devices or electronic applications, you name, everything will be connected over the internet and controlled by your smartphone. With the rapid rise in voice assistants, IoT will grow increasingly helpful, doubling the use of IoT technologies.

8. Robot Assistants

Robots assistants are on the rise, leaping out to be the breakthrough of the century. Even though we are not in a position where robots cook for us and run errands, they joining us at work. Scientists are developing robots that can produce human facial expressions based on the response from the computer. A wide variety of companies like Boston Dynamics builds robot assistants that can be utilized in factories that enable effective operation in the real world. These intelligent robots can detect suspicious networks that are operated by hackers in no time.

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9. Cloud

Most of the data are already stored in the cloud, while many of us have accessed data through the cloud rather than on private networks. For instance, you are streaming movies and music on your own device. Soon, gaming is more likely to move completely to the cloud. So, you will not need high-end devices or computers to access the data from the cloud. Cloud is more a reliable infrastructure with faster broadband soon could be the now for use.

10. Li-Fi

Could Li-Fi replace WiFi? We’ll have to wait some more time as Li-Fi has been under experimentation for the last few years and has the potential to have the fastest data transfer speeds. LiFi uses light to transmit data, where WiFi uses radio waves. Although this new technology is theoretically capable of transmitting data at higher speed and less prone to the interface, there is a lot more potential for bandwidth. Researchers say the LiFi might take off in 2021 as it is considerably cheaper than WiFi.

Considering all the advancements, we are sure that the future is dominated by technology and the coexistence with robots is not so far. New concepts turn into better innovations, and imaginations are the foundation for what is about to come. The above technologies are the trends of 2021 we find more interesting. Tell us which one you liked more and why you are excited about it in the comments.

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