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Top UI/UX Design Trends to Dominate in 2020-2021

  • By Agira Technologies
  • September 11, 2020

Every day, customer expectations vary, trends go outdated, and new ideas are all the way around. To stand out among your competitors, you need to analyze how design impacts the visitor’s mind as websites have become the identity of a business. In the digital world, it has become more challenging to draw the attention of the visitors. One way to keep that visitor engaged is to build an appealing web application with a thoughtful perspective is UI/UX design. Let’s look into some of the popular UI/UX design trends if 2020-2021, which you can implement to achieve your goals.

Login without passwords

A majority of users forget their passwords while dealing with multiple online streams. Most often, a password is required to be a combination of special characters, numbers, and alphabets. Even though there is a password resetting option, many apps today use email logins to utilize it. Some take time to recollect the old passwords. The latest UI design trends offer multiple other options for users like fingerprints, face authentication, or PIN to log in to their account. 

Dark Mode

The Dark mode is one of the popular design trends that is booming from 2019. It is an option that can be activated when during the night. Moreover, it highlights the existing themes and design elements. The mode allows the users to save battery usage to a greater extent. The dark mode is extensively used by brands such as Instagram, Skype, Twitter, Apple, and Android for a stylish look. 

Voice User Interface

Voice-based user interfaces are quick to gain popularity. Voice chatbot and voice assistants navigate the website visitors. It aims to have a human-centered design to stand unique from the competitors as Google and other search engines complement the voice search. The voice-based user interface is one of the new technologies expected to become the fastest growing trend in 2021.

Micro Interactions

Micro-Interaction is commonly used in social media platforms. It simply means the user’s interaction with the interface, such as “Like,” “Share,” etc. In the same way, this strategy can be executed with your website interface for a particular moment. You can also include features like animations and short videos that primarily target users.

Appealing 3D Elements

3D based interface is one of the best elements to engage the audience with the brand. You can integrate emerging technologies like Augmented reality and virtual reality to create hyper-realistic visuals that keep visitors curious. Ensure you optimize your website with graphic elements so that you can reduce the average loading speed. 

Combine Photography with Graphics

Another hottest trend is overlapping graphics onto the images. This combining technique allows you to bring out fabulous creatives with mixed colors. It is a collage-like visual that adds personality to the web design interface. More than styling the elements, it facilitates a unique appeal when showcasing the content.   

Abstract Data Visualization

 Abstract Data Visualization is ideal for technology and product websites. Today’s User experience design unique ways of data visualization to put out data-driven content. You can engage the users with abstract illustrations showing a sense of relevance with the audience.  

Bold Font

Usage blog fonts aren’t new, but these design trends are gaining the attention of the users. Bold fonts are used for the headline to increase the modern look to the website design. It not only serves the visual aspects but also add audacity to the brand. The Bold fonts make the overall user interface look ultra-stylish, emphasizing the content.

Realistics Product Pictures

Realistic product images are used in a wide range of eCommerce websites and online stores. This trend is surreal. It demands a classic effect in showcasing the products. The images have been interesting, making the customers imagine and stay long on the website. You can increase your website’s average session and improve the conversion rate, thus increasing the sales. 

Empty Spaces

Empty spaces tend to have psychological effects on users. The website must have some blank spaces that make the UI/UX look authentic. The space highlight the content brightly and attractively. 


UI/UX design trends can be a mix of everything. Emerging technologies and creative ideas are way more important for your business to dominate in 2021. Ensure you use any of these trends to reach out to a new audience and convert them as your customers. 

Create an engaging and appealing interface by combining the above UI/UX design trends. If you need help in implementing these UI/UX design, get in touch with our industry experts to get a free quote. They will be happy to help you with the same by turning your idea into reality.

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