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How LiDAR Is Used In Disaster Response?

At present, LiDAR is one of the most advanced and reliable optical remote sensing technology. It has the advantages of Higher Accuracy, Fast acquisition, and processing, Weather/light independence, canopy penetration, Higher data density, and many more. What is LiDAR? When the laser points the target area of land or any object, the light reflects by […]

  • Selvabharathi M
    Selvabharathi M
  • May 12, 2020

What is LiDAR Technology And How Does It Work?

What comes handy for you to reach the place you don’t know? Exactly, we are talking about maps and the driverless cars. Are you aware of the technology behind this whole exciting invention? No matter yes or no! You can get along if you are interested in LiDAR technology which has made driverless cars possible […]

  • Abiram Kishan
    Abiram Kishan
  • March 19, 2020