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Symfony Development India – The Many Plus Points of Working With It

  • By Agira Technologies
  • July 22, 2016

Based on PHP5, the Symfony framework uses enhanced object-oriented features to encourage the Symfony development practice to a great extent. This framework is strategically designed to streamline application development by creating reusable components and automating numerous patterns employed for the specific purpose. It also speeds up the code development, allowing the developer to write better code that is more readable and maintainable. In a nutshell, working with Symfony framework makes programming easier, aiding in complex operations into simple coding.

Features & Flexibilities:

Released under the MIT license, this elegant framework was exclusively designed to optimize web development applications using numerous key features. Check out the following features and several tools that exclusively simplify software engineering tasks.

• The framework is easy to install and guaranteed to work on most platforms without any hassle.

• It includes an independent database engine.

• Simple to use, on most occasions, however, it is also flexible enough to adapt to complex cases.

• ‘Convention over configuration’ is the premise upon which the framework is based, allowing the developer to configure only the unconventional.

• It jazzes up, most tellingly, the best web practices and design patterns.

• Compliant with the existing information technology (IT) policies and norms.

• Readable coding, durability, and easy maintenance are some of the distinguished features that have made the framework increasingly popular among the developers in recent times.

• The framework also includes the built-in e-mail and API management features.

• Ajax interactions are easy to implement.

Automated Web Application Features:

Symfony framework is gaining popularity in India too. The popular Symfony development India framework comes up with a number of automated web projects features, as follows:

• The built-in internationalization layer is crafted to make sure both data and interface translation. It also allows for content localization.

• Templates and layouts can be built by HTML designers who do not require any knowledge of this framework.

• It helps to reduce the amount of code normally a developer is expected to write while working on other platforms. It also offers the opportunity to the developers to encapsulate large portions of code in simple function calls.

• It is equipped with effective the cache management feature that helps reduce server load and bandwidth usage.

• Coming up with authentication and credential features,Symfony framework helps facilitate the creation of restricted sections and user security managements.

• It also features search engine friendly routing and smart URLs.

• The framework hosts built-in e-mail and API management features.

• Automated pagination, Sorting and Filtering make the lists more user-friendly.

• One-liner helpers encapsulate cross browser compatible JavaScript effects ensuring easily implementable Ajax interactions.

Ever since the Symfony framework was launched, it has attracted a wide interest of the developers around the world. Impressive code quality and a significant amount of documents are two important advantages over other players in the world of web frameworks. By the time this framework began to get popular, many Symfony development company have come into being with an exceptional experience in building customized web applications that meet client’s needs and specifications.

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