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We provide on-demand lab tests right to your homes, eliminating the need for you to visit a clinic or lab.

Our Prova Digital Health Application

We collaborate with diagnostic centers as well as independent laboratories to streamline laboratory processes and provide quality results. Our user-friendly applications ensure reliable collection, management, and processing of samples to offer accurate and timely reports.

How it works ?

Customers can book the tests they require online, through our user friendly Prova customer application.

We assign our experienced phelbo to your location to collect the sample.

After the sample is processed, The lab reports are sent back promptly and are accessible anytime on the app.

Online & offline

GPS Tracking

Actionable dashboards

Health data analysis

Real-time data syncing

CDS – Intelligent clinical decision system

Virtual clinic – Remote appointments

Artificial intelligence chatbot

Our Prova Digital Health Approaches

Prova Digital Health app developers understand the requirements to develop a digital solution according to international standards, as mass care is at our heart in this digital process. As a result, we pride ourselves on being among the top health app development companies.

Customer Application

This is an interactive application used by customers which are user-friendly in terms of the navigation where they can place an order for sample collection.


Phlebotomist application

The Phlebo app is designed for a phlebotomist to complete the orders of the customers. They collect the samples as well as the payment and hand them over to the admins or lab technicians for further analysis.



The Laboratory Information Management System are responsible for storing and managing patient information, Inventory management, and overall laboratory operations management.


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Faster and accurate results

Our services provide patients with easy access to important diagnostic tests, allowing them to receive results quickly and accurately.

Time and cost efficient

Customers can avoid the hassle of having to travel to a hospital or clinic, saving them both time and money.

Personalized customer experience

As the samples are collected at the customers home, they can be performed at any preferred time of the day, allowing for greater scheduling flexibility.


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