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How To Strategically Plan And Update Drupal 9

  • By Agira Technologies
  • September 15, 2021

When you own a website for your business, it is important to ensure that it is high-performing, secured, and fast. You need to keep your website up-to-date to maintain its performance and its seamless user experience. Follow the same rule for your Drupal website. Update your website to the latest version of Drupal 9 now.

You can protect your website from various malware attacks and makes it less vulnerable to getting attacked by viruses. This can protect the data of your users as well as your web content. The new update might bring changes in algorithms and bug fixes to provide upgraded performance for your website. Keeping your CMS, plug-ins, extensions and every other component updated can bring you more benefits than your expectations.

Now you know the importance of keeping your content management systems updated. If you are using the prior versions of Drupal, the time has now come to upgrade it to Drupal 9. 

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Updating to the latest version of Drupal has become more effortless for each new update. Here is your guide on how to strategically plan and update your website for Drupal 9. 

Preparing for Drupal 9

There are a few necessary things that you should know about Drupal versions before you update to the latest version. 

The Drupal CMS is one of the top community-supported open-source software that comes with extended functionalities. When the Drupal team announces a new version, it makes changes o the core Drupal codes. Also, all the associated things such as extensions, plug-ins, and others are improved in performances and in many other aspects. 

Even though the code base is the same, the design compatibility might differ from one website to another. So, hire a skilled Drupal web developer who has expertise in PHP development to update your website to Drupal 9. This is important because the architecture of different versions may differ from one another. If you don’t do it with proper guidance, you might end up crashing your entire website. 

While Drupal 7 will reach its end of life in Nov 2022, the EOL of Drupal 8 is Nov 2021. It is actually based on the end life of Symphony 3 which is a Drupal 8 dependency.

Will Drupal’s previous versions stop functioning?

No, if you do not upgrade to the new version, it won’t stop functioning. But, there will be no support provided by the community. You will not get any security updates and some bugs might continue to be an issue. 

This means that your website will become more vulnerable to malware across the web and can be attacked with ease. It is important to consider upgrading your website to Drupal 9 within November 2021. Also, if you own a website that is huge with more pages, plan as early as possible.

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To update your website to the latest version of Drupal 9, a smart entrepreneur would look into the benefits. Drupal 9 offer high performance, security, and user experience features. So that you will not regret the ROI spent on hiring a Drupal developer to update Drupal 9. 

How to Upgrade from Drupal 8 to Drupal 9.

  • Step 1: Hire a skilled Drupal developer or team of Drupal developers with respect to the requirements. If you already have a Drupal developer or a team of Drupal developers, you can assign the task to them.
  • Step 2: The dedicated Drupal developer audits the changes between the latest versions and the previous versions. 
  • Step 3: When the Drupal team releases a new version of Drupal, there comes a set of deprecated codes that do not function anymore in the latest versions. So, it is more crucial to identify the segments of your website that use the deprecated code to make minor adjustments. By doing this, the Drupal developers do not need to rewrite the code for the entire website. This helps you in saving time and migrating costs. 


For some simple websites, migrating to the new version might just be installing the new version with no or very few changes.  

Also, it is necessary to know that if you want to make changes to the design, content architecture, or any component of the website, the migration part might take more time and cost more than expected. 

If you own a website that has not even upgraded to Drupal 8, it is now the right time to upgrade it to the latest version before its end-of-life to avoid last-minute discrepancies. Everything that you will need right now is the Drupal developers from the best technology solutions company such as Agira technologies. 

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