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How Augmented Reality Is Evolving The Gaming Industry

  • By Agira Technologies
  • April 12, 2018

What if we say Gaming Industry has a big appetite for Augmented Reality! Absolutely not joking! Augmented Reality is constantly arousing by giving astounding experience to the next level Gaming.
We could deliberately see the massive rise of Gaming Industry over the past few years. We had come across all the successive & lucrative games of this generation but we all know that “Pokemon Go” game is an exception from the list.
AR 2
ar 3
Hope we have not forgotten smashing records of this game and how it turned out to be a sensation in just over the night.

What Makes It Astounding?

If you wonder what’s so unique about it? Then you wouldn’t stumble to adopt the fact that this massive success is not possible without a touch of Augmented Reality!
This location tracked AR Game provides the realistic experience which makes the players have more craze on it. By leveraging AR, the team behind this game is just refused to give us a chance to differentiate the game from the real world.

Fusion of 3D Sensors With Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are queued to equip with intense 3D sensors. This technique is used to reconstruct the view of ordinary objects in 3D. The storm is nearing us to take us to the next level of gaming. Get ready to visualize the real time transformation.
AR and 3D have the power to provide us this facility just by scanning.

Benefits of Amalgamating AR


  • AR inclined with the vision-based algorithm that helps to add clear, intense clarity of objects, sounds, and graphics.
  • Alongside the games, AR takes a big part in the film industry for making real time animation films.
  • It also acts as an excellent kit for composing the graphical representation of educational system.

What to Expect?

The Hunting for Reality Games will never get over. As technology grows fast, each stage of gaming demands new invention of AR. So the gaming industry is accelerating every phase of gaming with AR to provide the real-time experience.

We can create the 3D projection of whatever we capture through the devices and AR will eventually emulate the characters upfront to your eyes as the real-time object.

Despite playing with non-realistic characters, AR will allow you to play with the other real-time players like you. Eventually, you can join with other players and experience the digital objects.

How cool is that when your favorite stars sit next to you and start playing with you?
Is not the dream comes true?

A colossal blend of AR with Google smart glasses has a significant commitment to get us this experience soon.

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