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10 Tips On Security You Can Use To Protect Your IoT Devices

Everything around us has become smart, like smart infrastructures, smart cities, autonomous vehicles, to name a few. The innovation of smart devices makes it possible to achieve these heights in science and technology. But, data is vulnerable, there is a risk of attack by cybercriminals. To get started, let’s know about IoT devices. What are […]

  • Wasim Akram
    Wasim Akram
  • July 10, 2020

How The Fusion of GIS And Internet of Things (IoT) Transform Lives

In the Digital era, evolution in technologies motivates and inspires us to live a better quality of life. Digitization has made once the impossible visions come true. Internet of Things (IoT) and Geographical Information System(GIS) are one of those technologies we witness today.  Do you know the combination of these two technologies, IoT and GIS […]

  • Wasim Akram
    Wasim Akram
  • April 27, 2020

The Future Predictions About IoT Only a Handful of People Know

IoT is about to hit all the industries. The promising features of IoT, all set to hit us in phenomenal ways. From computer’s to mobile to kid toys, everything is being embedded with Sensors through Machine Learning. Though, We have been introduced to wast range of highly protected technologies and devices still we ought to […]

  • Agira Technologies
    Agira Technologies
  • May 25, 2018

Internet of Things (IoT) : A Network of Everything

Today wherever we go, we hear a term called “IoT” which is creating more buzz in the list of emerging technologies embraced by many big brands, consumers, and startups paving way for lots of innovation in technology. On a lazy morning, our biggest problem is waking up from bed to on/off the fan. Luckily we […]

  • Agira Technologies
    Agira Technologies
  • October 27, 2017