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Build out your blockchain implementation beyond ideas and concepts.

Our Consulting & Prototyping Services

At Agira Technologies, we are committed to integrating blockchain technology  into your overall business plan so that you can maximize its potential, such as expanding into new markets, gaining market share, and increasing revenue. We strive to create operating models with efficient value analysis. Ideally, your project moves forward with a clear understanding of its viability – without any surprises down the line.

Establishing project requirements
Formulating a specification
Selecting technologies / frameworks
Strategy and training
MVP development
Solution consultancy
Clickable prototype
On-time delivery

Our Consulting & Prototyping Approaches

We review your business model, identify the need for a blockchain solution specific to your use case, and analyze how blockchain will benefit your business. Our low-effort and low-cost problem-solving approach let you evaluate whether our approach is right for you and your work.

Value analysis

By analyzing your current workflows and software solutions, we identify which blockchain applications will yield the greatest value for your business.

Lean software development

We help companies maximize their returns through blockchain innovation through Lean and Agile development methodologies from single feature MVPs to long-term prototypes.

Use cases

We provide all the necessary capabilities for scalability, security, transaction finality, and privacy with use cases ranging from cyber security to supply chains and beyond.

High quality products

By prototyping the essential elements primarily, we can ensure the final product is of higher quality. We will address any issues during the development stage itself.

Immediate feedback

Using prototypes, you can test your ideas internally or open them to users if necessary for direct feedback. It is vital for developing the final product to meet market expectations.

No surprises

Our prototyping services allow you to build and test the most essential or unique features before development begins. The result is streamlined, stress-free development that eliminates surprises later on.

Agira’s Flexible Engagement Models

We offer flexible engagement options that can cater to the unique requirements of all businesses.

Hire dedicated teams

Take advantage of a network of qualified team with complete control and the ability to scale as needed.

Controlled agile module

Our controlled agile module ensures an efficient, cost-effective, and flexible interaction model for startups.

Time & product

We offer to work hourly if you represent an organization with undefined ventures. In addition, we provide flexible time and products based on your needs.

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