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Agira Featured as "10 Fastest Growing Blockchain Solution Provider To Watch In 2019"

  • By Agira Technologies
  • January 16, 2019

Recently, the Asia Pacific (APAC) region has emerged as the third fastest growing regions in terms of spending on blockchain technology in 2018, a report of TechWireAsia showed. As we know, Asia Pacific (APAC)Business Headlines is a magazine that brings together CIOs, CXOs, and other technology decisions makers to speak on the evolution of technology and industry trends all around the world.
Outstandingly, Agira Technologies has been awarded as  10 Fastest Growing Blockchain  Solution Providers to Watch. It’s really worth mentioning that Agira bagged it after going through 3 years of dedicated ongoing research with Blockchain. Our team has explored all the possibilities to redefine the Blockchain solutions which in terms to fit with any independent Blockchain services. Because we firmly believe that “Blockchain Technology” is the potential innovation that has all possibilities to transform the industry for better.
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Check APAC says about us,
Hong Kong ( December, 2018) : APAC Business Headlines, a magazine that brings together CIOs, CXOs, and other technology decisions makers to speak on the evolution of technology and industry trends, has announced the release of their  new edition: “10 Fastest Growing Blockchain  Solution Providers to Watch”.
While the issue reviews the key players in the Blockchain Industry, it also sheds light onto how these blockchain companies have evolved to mature firms with their domain-specific knowledge, sound marketing strategies, and innovative products. Among the listed companies, we are delighted to honor Agira Technologies as one of the key players in the Blockchain industry. Agira Technologies has been on our radar for quite a long time, and this year it became clear that enterprises of all sizes alike trust the company for its incredible innovations and services in the industry.
Mark Tong, editor-in-chief of APAC Business Headlines said, “It was a great pleasure reviewing these companies, as they all had inspiring as well as thought-provoking stories to share. Rin Kachui, Senior editor at APAC Business Headlines further added, “Our editorial team has not only selected the companies on account of their services, but also on their abilities to transform the user-experience of customers.
To acknowledge such companies, their CEOs and efforts, the editorial team at APAC Business Headlines has come out with a list of “10 Fastest Growing Blockchain Solution Providers to Watch.” The editorial team at APAC Business Headlines hopes that the proposed list and valuable insights by these industry leaders will help customers achieve their business goals efficiently.
Agira awards
Agira Awards

Our Inspiration Of Blockchain Turned Into Aspiration To Do Something More!

Already this year been blossomed with so many surprises, besides also being continuously rewarded by every digital medium & clients. On this list, We could proudly say, having recognized as a “10 Fastest Growing Blockchain  Solution Providers to Watch” by APAC business headlines is possibly the another best thing happened for Agira Technologies. Hope it could boost us to explore all the incredible possibilities of Blockchain in coming days.
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