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Ultimate Guide To Remote Software Development (2020)

  • By Agira Technologies
  • August 25, 2020

If you are seeking for a reliable software development company to outsource your software development operations, here are some facts that you should know. 

The practice of outsourcing software development has witnessed enormous growth over the past few months due to the worldwide pandemic also given that it has been gradually growing in the past decades. Approximately 64 percent of most enterprises are already outsourcing their complete production cycle.

A report given by a workspace survey proves that only 30% of the enterprises rely on local talents while the rest rely on virtual and remote talents. This proves that these companies are effortlessly resolving the productivity challenges of outsourcing.

hiring trends
Source: Hubstaff

If you do not know what is outsourcing or how to do it right, this blog helps you find answers to your questions regarding it. 

The 3 Most Common Software Outsourcing Models

Despite the fact that many companies use customized outsourcing models for their development requirements, there are three top common software outsourcing models that are successful and easy for any company to manage the outsourced team. Depending upon your requirements and challenges, you can customize these models to outsource the development, maintenance, and testing of your software requirements.

Here are the top three models you can employ to manage your remote team.

1. Project-Based

The project-based model lets you outsource the full-cycle software development and end-to-end management of the project. Once you give then a clear list of project requirements to the remotely outsourced team, they work on the project from the beginning until the launch of the product. 

The outsourced remote team discusses the development costs and your project budgets before fixing a final fixed price. It is important to note that the development hours or the number of developers doesn’t affect the development cost. The developers take control of the entire planning and execution. It is always better to fix both the time and budget requirements of the project before confirming the project. 

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Who should choose the Project-based Model?

The entrepreneurs 

  1. Who has clear scope and project requirements
  2. Who has an identified deadline and budget that is accepted by both parties.

2. Dedicated Team

A third-party vendor lets you hire a team of skilled experts where these software developers work as an extended team to support your core team. They guarantee the smooth and efficient operation of product development. With a devoted team of developers, you can employ a project manager, who can work with the outsourced staff and manage the team.

In this model, the pricing is based on the development hours and the number of developers. 

Who should choose this model?

  • Who wants to work with the dedicated team for long-term development.
  • Who is developing software with high maintenance or scaling up.
  • Who wants a tech team to work on multiple projects

3. Staff Augmentation

The vendor company develops the product development department, but the core processes are your duty. You should handle the individual responsibilities of the team for application or software development, including all their specific activities. They are also accountable for outsourced team tasks. The developer is in control of the productivity of the team and address work-related issues.

Who should opt for this model?

  • Who wants to have control and get involved in the development process.

Things to consider when planning to Manage a remote team

Here a few things you should keep in mind when outsourcing your software development processes.

1. Choose the right service provider/team.

It is known that high-end software can be developed only with the help of a talented team of developers. So, it is crucial to hire a skilled team of developers fro the outsourcing service provider. Productivity can be greatly improved with a high-quality software development company. So you should hire the best software outsourcing company for your business. Before hiring a software development company do check the following.

  • Ask for the customer testimonials
  • Check their previous projects that are similar to yours.
  • Look for the specific indications of their quality, technical capabilities, and skillsets.
  • Check out their apps, websites, and other software demos.
  • Have an eye for User Experience, Mobile Functionality, Design, and Software Load Timings.

2. Kick start with a sample project

As already mentioned, the technical capabilities are one of the most significant things that you should look for in a software development team. Pick a sample project, and analyze their performance. This lets you effortlessly decide on picking the right team. Make sure that the software development team has the following qualities when working on the sample project.

  • Communication Skills.
    • Raise relevant questions
    •  Follow directions adequately
  • Trust and transparency.
    • Open and straightforward about the processes
    • Deliver on their commitments
  • Time Management.
    • Formulate internal deadlines 
    • On-time delivery

Performing a sample project can cost you time- and resources but it is worth a try because you don’t encounter any big challenges ahead for long-term.

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3. Involve Performance Monitoring Tools

These are some problems with the implementation of outsourcing software development. One such is that it is difficult to track the productivity of the remote development team. Using the performance indicators to check whether they work throughout working hours, visit non-job-related pages, or bill you for idle hours of service.

Some of the best performance tools help in the following ways to manage your outsourced remote software development team.

  • Timesheet Reports – Measure employee worked during a given time period.
  • Detailed Project Reports – Time taken to work on a project.
  • Web & App Usage Report – Websites accesses during work hours.
  • Distraction Management – Avoid distractions with pop-up alerts.
  • Inactivity Timer –  Employees don’t log idle time as work hours.
  • Payroll – Bill your team for completed tasks.

Despite the size of the company, an outsourced remote team for software development can contribute a lot to the productivity of the company. It is in the hands of the CTO to find the right software development company to harness the most out of the talents from remote locations.

We, Agira technologies are a technology solution company with business services and domain solutions that support global clients who comprise the current world economy. Some of the exclusive services that we offer are web development, mobile app development, Blockchain, IoT, and DevOps Consulting.

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Agira Technologies

AgiraTech is a technology company whose business services and domain solutions supports global clients who comprise the current world economy. Services we offer : Web development, Mobile App development, Blockchain, IoT and DevOps Consulting