Top 10 Web Development Frameworks You Should Focus On 2018
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Top 10 Front-end Web Development Frameworks You Should Focus On 2018

When the need for web applications are high, then the demand for enlightened high-level frameworks are also Higher. As a result, choosing a correct framework for the precise project is still a nightmare for all of us. So, we thought of gathering Top 10 Web Development Frameworks that perfectly fits for your project.
Foremost, every well-structured framework should have the preliminary goal to satisfy the developer more than anything. So we have decided to focus on the importance of the relationship between a framework and the developer which in turns to produce the incredible applications.

After all, Now find the Top 10 Web Development Frameworks that has a significant impact on web development.

Here are the top 10 Web development frameworks you should start focusing On 2018

1) Angular JS

In search of finding the Top 10 Web Development Frameworks, Undoubtedly! Angular JS got to be the top place in every developer’s favorite list based on its standard consistency and adaptability. From version 1 to version 5, every release of its newer version has got the most resolved and rectified solution from its older version which makes the developer have a convenient work phase.

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2) Laravel

With the dedicated dependency managing system, Laravel scores the next place after Angular. It’s not only about dedicated dependency managing system but a lot more features like,
Accessing relational databases.
Built-in three-tier architecture – Model-View-Controller (MVC).
Open source PHP framework which created a bright path to hire Laravel developers.

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3) React JS

ReactJS is an open source, and it’s JavaScript library kept up by Facebook vast designers’ group. This library is utilized broadly in making the single interface for web programs. This whole system developed to the point of setting up large projects with the information that changes continuously with the fixed time.

4) Node JS

Node JS has been the designer’s most loved for a long time and still expected to remain the same. It’s a complete environment that enables us to create extensible and fast network applications. If you are looking for the precise JavaScript environment that catered with all the tools, then Node.js would be the perfect choice for you.

5) Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails marked as one of the popular frameworks for developers. If you want your developers to enjoy their work, then you can give a chance for Ruby on Rails. It will make your developers excited & happy at the workplace with its funny programming proceedings.

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6) Symfony

Symfony is a PHP web utility structure that consists of reusable PHP components/libraries. The latest version of symphony allows developers to change the business requirements. In case if you are going to work on large-scale complex projects then mark Symfony on your notable list. Also, Symfony adopted with the most massive open source platforms like Drupal, PHP BB.

Many Plus Points of Working With Symfony

7) ASP.Net

There are various individual developers and gadget building organizations that choose ASP.NET as their most loved web building platform. With the open-source system, it occupied the matter of 15% of the marketplace.

8) Yii

Yii is an open supply, object-oriented component based MVC PHP web utility structure.
An open-source Internet framework that developed by PHP5 which uphold DRY design and supports fast building. Indeed Yii attempts to streamline your utility building and will help you to check whether the environment is friendly or extensible to work.

9) Meteorjs

Meteor is developed with the collaborative ideas from various frameworks to provide a simple way for developing programs. Moreover, it significantly makes web fabricating more directly. It’s flexible and calls for considerably less code, which implies that less creepy crawlies and for the high quality and flexible application.

10) CakePHP

CakePHP is an open-source web, an expedient building system that makes advanced web programs more compelling, snappier and requires substantially less code. And also it works based on Model – view– controller (MVC).


Finally, after the various developer’s perception, we have concluded with the most promising Top 10 Web Development Frameworks that are lined up in 2018. Hope this article would have helped you to have a bright idea of choosing a right platform for the right project. On the other hand, if you are the one craving for developing an active web application with the above-listed technologies or lot more. Well, you got to be in a perfect place of incredible web and mobile app solutions we at “Agira Technologies” in the process of providing extremely valuable business solutions for you tech cravings.

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    In this digital world, Web development platforms and frameworks are very important for any business platforms. I think all of the best platforms are listed except for the Codeignitor, which is still a great user platform for the most of the Web developers and web designing companies worldwide. Still a great knowledge.

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