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Top 10 Java Frameworks For Web Development

  • By Agira Technologies
  • October 19, 2020

Java is dominating the software industry over the past 25 years. It has been ranked among the top most popular programming languages in the world multiple times. Java programming language is used for various developments from the web, android, big data, back-end development, and machine learning projects. Java follows the principle “Break the wheel” which makes life easier for developers to focus on the business logic rather than just code. 

Java Frameworks comes with a set of prewritten code where you can add your code to solve a specific problem. You can use the frameworks by calling the methods, supplying callbacks, listeners, the inheritance of the patterns. These frameworks provide a basic structure to the application to deliver projects timely from small to large enterprise applications. 

As the preferences are web and android development is ever-changing, most of the businesses prefer to hire Java developers to build a scalable application. 

In this blog, we have listed the top most popular Java frameworks primarily used by leading companies and developers in thier projects.

1. Spring 

Spring is the most popular and lightweight Java framework known for its speed, productivity, and simplicity. Spring allows developers to build enterprise web applications with ease. It works on the MVC model and cloud-ready to build a high-performance complex application for big tech companies, including Amazon, Google, Netflix, etc. The framework allows you to access extensive third-party libraries that offer the complete freedom of creativity to the programmers. One can start a Spring project in seconds with a fast shutdown and has optimized execution by default. The spring framework has a huge ecosystem and large community which offer numerous tutorials that are useful to learn the framework. 

2. Grails

Grails is a dynamic Java framework based on the MVC design pattern. It is a full-stack object-oriented language that improved the developer’s productivity during development and testing. The Grails platforms are easy to learn and the language is highly compatible with Java Syntax. Grails is ideal for rapid development and provides built-in support for RESTful APIs. Using Grails developers can mix Groovy and Java which supports object mapping features. It is used by leading companies for application development including EasyCredito, Affectiva, Secret Escapes, etc.

3. Google Web Toolkit

Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is an open source Java framework used for building browser-based complex and optimized applications. This framework is loved by developers for its production environment and capabilities to build high-performance web applications with basic knowledge about the front end technologies.AdSense and Adwords from Google are written using this framework. It allows the developers to create beautiful UIs and easy to debug.

4. Struts

Struts is an open source MVC framework widely used to develop modern enterprise-level web applications. It follows convention over configuration to provide flexibility. Struts framework provides creative themes and templates which help in reducing the overall development time. The framework also has extended capabilities to support the development of complex applications and includes plugin support such as REST, JSON, and AJAX to make the tasks developer-friendly. 

5. JavaServer Faces

JavaServer Faces (JSF) is another popular and free Java framework widely used for web application development. The framework is managed by Oracle technology. JavaServer Faces simplifies the creation of User interface and assembling of reusable UI components in a page for server-side applications. It is components based MVC framework and helps to improve productivity and consistency. JSF provides API to represent and manage the UI components. To simplify the XML for view handling.

6. Hibernate

Hibernate is a lightweight ORM based Java framework. It is a stable framework that can easily communicate with any database and ideal when working with multiple databases. The frameworks offer powerful APIs and useful tools to improve productivity and portability. Many leading names like IBM and Dell uses Hibernate in thier tech stacks. It has excellent command-line tools and IDE plugins that help the developers easy to modify and configure complex applications.

7. Play

Play framework is popularly known for its creation of simple JAR files. It is a unique framework used to build web applications. The framework has the approach of convention over configuration. Play is based on the MVC pattern, developer-friendly, and is a stateless and lightweight architecture. Its reactive principles improve the productivity of developers. It offers high performance due to asynchronous processing with minimal resource consumption which offers developers to program highly scalable modern mobile and web applications. 

8. Vaadin

Vaadin is a client-server java framework. It is an open source framework with an active and large community. The framework is used to create complex and dynamic web applications with help of pre-designed UI components. Vaadin allows the developers to create layouts with a visual designer instead of HTML. This framework a server-side architecture and offers access to DOM from the Java virtual machine. Vaadin is built on the web components standards and automates the client-server communication and routing. 

9. Wicket

Wicket is a simple Java framework used in web application development. A component-oriented structure which makes the framework lightweight and super fast. Wicket helps the developers with easy unit testing and creation of Bookmarkable projects with having OOP features. There are XML configuration files, and JSP works with Wicket. 

10. Dropwizard

Dropwizard is another popular and lightweight Java framework with advanced configurations. It makes it easy to perform rapid prototyping with the support of independent libraries like Jersey, Jackson, Guava to perform to security and performance-related tasks. This way the developers can focus a lot more on business logic than on code. The framework is highly useful to develop high performance and RESTful web applications. 

Wrapping up

The Java frameworks mentioned above greatly helps in delivering highly scalable applications. If you are looking to develop an amazing web or android application for your business, these Java frameworks make your work efficient and easy to start. As these frameworks extensive community support, there are reduced security issues and makes the development cost-efficient. 

If you are planning a complex application or confronting any issues during development, you can partner with the best Java development company or hire Java developers who can dedicatedly work on your project. Get in touch with Java experts who are highly experienced to create a top-notch application within a given time to market. 

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