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Top 6 Technology Trends In E learning Evolving The Educational Industry

  • By Agira Technologies
  • October 25, 2018

Are you tired of facing this boring educational system? Want to bring something interesting in e-learning? then you must look after these top 6 technology trends that are about to change the educational industry and this will definitely give a new view to retreat the e-learning system.


The advancement of chatbot can’t be addressed in single article. We got so much to talk about Chatbot! Chatbot got our back on various industry. So if you want to track all the exceptional benefits of chatbots then don’t miss out to read the Top 5 benefits of Chatbots across various industry. Since we’re here to discuss about the evolution of technologies on E-learning, so we’re narrowing down to list its generous features only on E-learning.
Chatbots are being used to initiate user friendly communication by asking phrases or questions and there will be options for the students to choose the field, write or to give voice overs similarly they can perform various type of interactions with bots.
To improve the teaching skills of bot, the lessons, files, voice-overs, videos and millions of types of pre-defined questions everything can be clearly incorporated in to the bots. Therefore, Chatbot will continuously answer all the questions based on the set of queries we programmed in the backend. So, even if you shoot the bot with thousands of questions, the bots will be ready to answer all your questions without getting tired. Henceforth, with the presence of Chotbots, Students can never say no to learning because Chatbot is being designed in such a way to accompany students requests in most students centric approach. Consequently, Leveraging the intelligence of Chatbots/ Voicebots will definitely become a big boom of education industry.


Before getting on the point, let me ask you a question first! what would be the choice of your children if you place gaming kit and studies before them? Definitely 80 out of 100 will definitely go ahead with games. Leave the children apart, how about us? Do we prefer boring books or interactive apps? Ofcourse the interactive apps are always one step ahead.
Since the mobile app development has almost seen its enormous success in all the industries and education is not the exception. In Well developed games, lessons are being converted into games, each level of games requires to face new challenges to move on to the next level. Since the lessons are coming in various forms like maze, puzzles, questions, match-makers will never leave us to keep the mobile apart. Today’s Games are not like before, some educational apps are shocking us with some interactive gaming experience and require us to improve decision making skills to win so even it will not give us the feel of learning.

Virtual Reality/ Augmented Reality

VR and AR
If you want to break the normal learning educational system and want to bring some revolutionary in Education then the AR and VR is our first right choice to kick start.
In the world of Virtual and Augmented reality, you can feed people everything with intense visual treat which will get us to distinct environment to actively learn everything in short time. Unlike other Videos, VR has more ability to create powerful visuals by giving deep details to every input. As the result, even the dozens of books can be easily presented as simple, easy to understand lessons and part of the videos we might set some interactive questions, puzzles, prompts to make them more focused on the mission. As soon as the users gains good scores then they are rewarded with good grades and feedback’s. The present move of VR and AR is about to many opportunities and possibilities to present the videos in more interactive way. VR in another guaranteed solution of educational system to take us to experience the next level of learning.
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Cloud Technology

One of the biggest headaches of students must be the process of securing the study materials and taking it all along. Of course We need to care them well but its hard to take them wherever we go. By indulging Cloud Technology in education, can solve the issues in one shot, Cloud will act as a central hub of all datas, where you can keep all your records so you access it anytime and anywhere and even you can share it your circle so everyone can access it at same time.


What if go through all the pages of the book and still not being able to understand a bit? Ofcourse we will lack our time without knowing anything. Microlearning is the concept which introduced to present what we exactly want to focus in a minute. Even 10 page of guide can be explained in single inforgraphics and produced in a desired format. Similarly, Microlearning took various dimensions like Inforgraphics, Short videos, Audio Clips, Webminars, Podcasts etc.

Artificial Intelligence

With AI, the amount of manual works can be literally reduced by providing customized learning interfaces, voice over robotics to accommodate all the requirements of education. AI being developed in more detailed approach to understand all the human interactions. Therefore, with help of AI, students can able to have standard and interactive human conversation to get smooth experience in learning. As soon as you initiate the human conversation, AI will be ready to teach us everything as it is programmed so we need not to worry about giving the proper guidance for the learners.

Liked? Looking for more? wait we still need to embrace more about the above technologies because the technologies we have addressed are all on its success line to take over the educational system for coming years so its our turn to make the right choice to bring the evolution in education.
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