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Top 15 Productivity Tools That Help You To Save 10X More Time | Startup Tools

  • By Agira Technologies
  • December 17, 2018

Success is the biggest nightmare any organization could dream off and eventually it will find you when you spent the right amount of energy. But sometimes, how fast you grab that victory is called real success.
This can be determined only by the mantra called “Productivity and the continuous effort”. Hardly very few organizations are using it effectively. On the ride of acquiring a few very best & effective productivity tools, we flooded by the internet with various suggestions. Fortunately, being a successive growing development firm, we’re in a position to deliver the right and precise tools on which we have relied for months and years to get the work faster and smarter. So the idea behind this article is absolutely to list a few crisp tools along with its powerful features so as an entrepreneur or any other growing organizations can get a real idea of what to choose and what to neglect!

Here’s The Top 10 Startup Tools That Helps You To Achieve More Productivity.



JIRA Designed to induce mutual communication between the management and developers, this tool will keep track of each task along with the time durations and will hold very keen statistic records of every process. In addition, when it comes to handling tasks, developers can have a clear idea on which tasks are needs to be prioritized now and which can be dealt with later. Especially while dealing with meeting deadlines Jira will remain highly active to make sure that every contributor of the meeting are kept informed and assigned tasks are completed on time.
Alongside we can also download the reports then & there. Though it provides a seamless experience in project management, you don’t have to worry more about the cost of affording because the complete tool along with its premium features are still comparatively less and easy to opt.

What do we like in JIRA?

It’s a highly customizable and can be tailored to fit any workflow you need in which you can transform the increased complexities into something simple and easy to understand.

Features of JIRA

  • Custom filters
  • Developer tool integrations
  • Customizable workflows
  • Rich APIs

Still need more reasons to choose?

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Of course, you must know because every tool we take-in, directly results on the productivity of an organization.

2. Trello

Trello ideally introduced to collaborate with the concept of project boards in a practical way. To be precise, you can’t find it lucrative in the first shot, but once you start exploring it deep down, then you can examine all its rich features and eventually you will fall for its working comfort. Besides, Trello is a well integrated and optimized project management tool that will act as the finest bridge to integrate teams and tasks at one place.

What do we like in Trello?

Highly preferred for small teams & individual, the single dimensional Kanban view and the limited ability would be difficult to scale larger enterprise-level projects but it would be a great choice if you prefer ground level actions.

Features of Trello

• Zero pricing for the basic service
• Easy organization with tags, labels, and categories
• Drag and drop functionality
• In-line editing & checklists, with the progress meter
• Easy uploading of files and attachments
• Data filtering
• Archiving of card records (e.g. comments and changes)
• Deadline reminders & email notifications
• Activity log
• Information retrieval and back-up
• SSL encryption of data
• Developer API

3. Skype

Skype one of the flexible business communication tool preferred by most of the businesses today! Instant messages & instant video calls will always set a way to induce a seamless collaboration. But imagine a low-cost communication tool that remains genuine to use yet flexible! That’s not the only point! It also provided with more security features. Business Skype is the term loved by most of the entrepreneurs for instant & secure communication.

What do we like in Skype?

Ensures only the trusted and approved devices by the organization by matching user details & Devices. Also, you can allow the employees to connect with the devices only which meet the organization’s security standards & requirements. Though the considerable point is, high definition video calls are not guaranteed all the time especially when it comes to low bandwidth.

Features of Skype

  • Easily files share options followed by voice, video & remote.
  • Strong risk analysis to secure from intruders
  • Instant messaging, voice, video
  • Easy integration
  • Available for all devices


Sometimes, very often your organization sales team may be performing well in exploring influential business people but failed to get the contact details!! But what’s the core benefit of performing well to acquire all top influential people and progressive websites but not getting their contact information to initiate their next move? One of the best tool you can offer to your sales team is Make your sales team to be strong by offering them because they don’t have to miss a single contact email address of their valid leads.

What do we like in

What we like in Hunter is, most of the time the results would be accurate and you can even get the sources of the email addresses of where it was actually found.

Features of

  • Prospecting via Chrome extension
  • Dashboard domain search
  • CSV import & Google sheets add-on


5. Freshsales

Usually, the Sales team would be using three different tools for different purpose like setting email campaigns, making calls and for clients prospecting. But very often they turn to be confused to track between what is left and what is done. Having all the troublesome factors of the sales team in mind, Freshsales team just done the right justice to the salespeople. Because the Freshsales tool introduced to handle all tedious tasks of salesforce to produce the clear-cut details on tracking every action.

What do we like in Freshsales?

Our most liked features in Freshsales are, it has very best inbuilt dialing & recording feature which we missed in most of the tools, also works best for running smart campaigns and sometimes it would be bit slow in migrating data than the expected time.

Features of Freshsales

  • Lead management
  • Activity management
  • Integrated email and phone
  • Event tracking:
  • Powerful automation
  • Great usability, affordable pricing


6. Ahref

Ahref one of the effective social media & SEO tool that is ultimately designed to help the organizations to boost SEO by performing a complete site analysis, exploring backlinks of the sites, finding the right set of competitive keywords like Moz and SEMRush. The reason why we listed this tool here is, we recently adopted this tool for our organization, and it is greatly helping us to acquire all the black-holes of the sites by performing effective site auditing. Also in exploring content ideas for blog from various Technologies are again beneficial. If you’re the fast growing company looking to adopt the flexible tool, then this could be a better option for you!

What do we like in Ahref ?

One of the best thing we like in Ahref is, Using this tool, the site can be completely analyzed then & there and it will get you all the possibilities to increase the performance of the site & domain authority.

Features of Ahref

  • Competitive keywords analysis
  • Site Explorer & auditing
  • Link Building
  • Keyword Research
  • Content Explorer


7. Slack

Slack is another cloud-based real-time messaging tool used for business collaboration, and it is a complete business messaging platform where you can create new private Channels and include your team members to share confidential information. You could customize the notification based on your preferences. Alongside, Slack is the widely used communication tool preferred by most of the developer’s community.

What do we like in Slack?

Reasons to choose Slack is, it will allow us to create custom integrations with various apps and act as the better hub of holding right information, also the ratio of getting unnecessary emails will be less in Slack.

Features of Slack

  • Community Building
  • Create Open & Private ChannelsPowerful,
  • Contextual Search
  • Customize Notification Preferences
  • Slack Integrations


8. Buffer

Are you a growing company wanted to make an active presence in social media but don’t have time to update everything at the same time? Then you must find a right social media marketing tool & let me its Buffer which will take care of your complete online presence! The buffer is the place to handle all your social media platform at a same time. In buffer, you can configure all the social media accounts where either you can share the posts instantly on all platform, or you can schedule the posts when it needs to be posted based on your schedule.

What do we like in Buffer?

Other than sharing posts, Buffer has good support for creating social media & blog image with the tool called Pablo. On other hands, its better at handling analytics that can predict detailed engagement for every post and in addition we also have chrome extension for buffer.

Features of Buffer

  • Set Up Your Own Updating Schedule
  • Easily Add Updates to Your Buffer
  • Use it Everywhere with Apps, Extensions, and Extras


9. G-suite

We don’t have to say much about this tool now! One of the leading business tool which has all the key features required by every organizations & much appreciated by everyone around the world! Nowadays its too hard to find organizations without a G-suite.

What do we like in G-suite?

From Gmail to calendar schedule, Spreadsheet to documentation, hangouts to effective forms, Google got everything that are required to help the companies. All you need is just an internet connection to enjoy all this unlimited features & storage.

Features of G-suite

  • Real-time collaboration
  • Easier calendar sharing
  • Security and audit controls
  • integration with mobile devices
  • Unlimited storage


10. Zapier

Zapier is the most progressive web automation tool through which you can automate every ideal part of your business. It will also allows you to make use of hundreds of app that you’re already being collaborated with. While you were being held up with your most important tasks, this tool will completely take over the entire process of automating and solving the tasks as you triggered. So your team can start and finish your workflow from any app and anywhere.

What do we like in Zapier?

Remains all in one business tool that comes with Great UI, CRM integration and task tracking. Alongside, It provides versatile options for the users to connect with a large number of software and API’s

Features of Zapier

  • Start Workflows from Any App
  • Automatic task completion
  • Simple & easy to use


11. GitHub

One of the best developer tool loved by most of the developers, GitHub is a widely used open source repository used to host the project codes which supported in different programming languages. With Git you can analyze the changes after every iteration, and you can share your code with your team or to the world and around 70% of the developers are Github users.

What do we like in GitHub?

Github is helping up the developers to maintain transparency and independence of hosting what they like so Github becomes the favorites place for developers to host their codes & remains easier to collaborate with other developers.

Features of Github

  • Collaborate and Track Changes in Your Code Across Versions
  • Multiple Integration Options
  • Develop and Implement a Management Strategy


12. MailChimp

Email marketing is the most influential way to connect with the audience with effective emails, updates, information. Mailchimps provided with most lucrative email templates that involves in customizing your email template, configuring and also you can schedule your emails when it needs to be delivered.

What do we like in MailChimp?

Mailchimp is an effective email marketing tool, where you will be provided with a large collection of email templated and even the templates can be customized based on the requirements. Besides, we also have the option to extract the report and MailChimp will support you to connect with most of the apps.

Features of MailChimp

  • Has cleaner embed code
  • Easy to Understand Reports
  • MailChimp integrates with Twitter


13. Canva

Good designs are matters to any business! Because presentation is what makes us look ideal in front of the audiences. Canva can help you to make better logos, Posters, blog images, infographics and so much more.

What do we like in Canva?

Canva has huge template collections for various design layouts so we’re free to make the best choice and also you can create your customized size images & infographics. So if you’re looking for all in one designing tool then Canva will the right choice if you like to unleash the creativity.

Features of Canva

  • Logo
  • Posters
  • Business Cards
  • Flyers
  • Resumes
  • Infographics


14. Clickfunnel

Click funnels on this list is the smarter productive tool that can intensely analyze your customer’s behaviors on the site to figure out what we exactly need to provide for them. By setting up customized funnels, you can prominently get to know your potential customers to serve them better on their next visit.

What do we like in Clickfunnel?

This tool provides excellent support over creating funnels, tracking landing pages and lot more. Notably, you don’t need a coding team to do it instead you can do it on your own because the tool has that level of customized settings & provides easy to workflow.

Features of Clickfunnel

  • User can build landing pages for sales with a drag-and-drop editor
  • Allowed to create funnels to send right product suggestion to the potential customers
  • Can send followup emails & SMS
  • You can design forms to collect user info


15. Mention

Another online marketing tool or a Customer tool which will keep track of what a customer says about your product or how your site being promoted on online is the most important role in today’s business world. Brand monitoring is another compelling term that used to monitor your product or website anywhere on online; With this tool, you can attract your customers easily which will help you to create brand awareness and improve the reputations in online.

What do we like in Mentions?

• Set up the alerts for your business name, keywords or competitors
• Track mentions across a wide variety of online sites including all social media & forums
• Alerts can be prioritized & alerts which has high priority will be highlighted.

Features of Mention

  • Brand Tracking
  • Social media monitoring
  • PR Management
  • Competitive analysis
  • Influensive Marketing

The ideas of entrepreneurs can be easily transformed into apps when we have great minds in the industry & great productivity to achieve it. Get the 24 hrs of proof of concept & consultation straight from the experts. Coming to an end, the list presented here is we certainly found interesting and effective to work with, and we hope that might strengthen your productivity to a further extent. Found other interesting tools but didn’t shared out here? Don’t fail to share your opinions with the world. A valid list can be built only when we collectively share real-time experience & ideas to the world! We like to count on your comments & valuable suggestion. Post your comments below!

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