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Top 10 Python Development Companies in the United States

  • By Agira Technologies
  • May 25, 2020

Python is one of the most popular programming languages that has been ranking #2 in the TIOBE index behind Java. There is a higher chance for the python to rank #1 in the index anytime soon. It is known that the popularity of Python is due to its wide range of applications throughout the tech industry from Python web development to designing artificial intelligence and data science. So, if you have an innovative idea in mind, the next best move is to hire the best from the top 10 Python Development Companies In the United States In 2020. 
It is no secret that python development has its own exclusive set of benefits that can add up to your business idea and project. Python development is fast, simple, efficient, and highly performing when compared to other high-level programming languages. Find the best out of these companies to successfully build your Python project.

1. Codal

CEO: Keval Baxi
Headquarters: Chicago, IL
Years of experience: 2009
Technology expertise: Web, mobile, eCommerce
Python expertise: Django, Django CMS
Top clients: Intuit QuickBooks, United, Motorola, Pepsi
Codal has been empowering companies at the intersection of  UX design, development, and business for many years. It provides you with a one-stop destination for all the web and mobile development needs for businesses from every industry. With 160+ clients, millions of end-users, and thousands of designs, Codal has become an award-winning agency with experience in working with some of the biggest brands. Their goal is to make the digital world a friendlier place.

2. Merixstudio

CEO: Adam Śledzikowski
Headquarters: Astoria, NY
Years of experience: 1999
Technology expertise: Web development, mobile development, product design software consulting
Top clients: Toshiba, WordPress, Fox,  Money farm, Ring central
Python expertise:  Full-stack Python development and Django
Metrixstudio lets you build an application powered by Python and exceptional developers. Flask, Django, Pyramid, Twisted bring robust and efficient functionality of your app’s backend. They have created their own Django-trench open-source library for over 700 hrs gives you indisputable proof that you’ll work with a passionate, tech-driven company. Their developers with their improved Python coding skills are fuelled to create your end-to-end product supplementing your team with a dedicated Project Manager and UI/UX designers. 

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3. Tivix

CEO: Sumit Chachra
Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
Years of experience: 2008
Technology expertise: Web & mobile development, product design
Top clients: Apple, Tesla, SolarCity, Boston Dynamics
Python expertise: Django development
Tivix focuses on the agile development of web, cloud, and mobile applications by helping organizations create and sustain digital innovation. They offer outstanding software engineering expertise coupled with seasoned product management and user interface/experience designers which makes Tivix a one-stop-shop for digital product development. They have been developing Django web apps for large enterprises, startups, and NGOs since 2008 which Django is a modern ‘batteries included’ web framework.

4. 10Clouds

CEO: Maciej Cielecki
Headquarters: Warszawa, Poland
Years of experience: 2009
Technology expertise: Web& mobile development, DevOps, Blockchain, Product design
Top clients: The Newyork Times, Business Week, Wired, Tech Crunch, The Economist
Python expertise: Machine learning.
10Clouds helps you build everything from stunning product design to flawless code. Their team of 100+ experienced developers and designers, ready to help you build your web and mobile applications. At 10Clouds, Machine learning on code is an area that is now materializing into enterprise products and they strive to be at the cutting-edge of developments in this field. They can take your app to the next level with the latest state-of-the-art solutions.

5. STX Next

CEO: Maciej Dziergwa
Headquarters: Poznań, Poland
Years of experience: 2005
Technology expertise: Python development, javascript development, and mobile development
Top clients: Coras, Myntelligence, FusePump, BetBright, Verve
STX next offers tech specialists for over 15 years of experience to provide the best end-to-end development services and team extension to clients across all industries. Being client-centric and technology-specific, they also scale-up on demand. Their Python development company boasts over 350 software development professionals, from UI/UX designers and automated QA testers, through Product Owners and Scrum Masters, to full-stack Python and JavaScript developers.

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6. Sunscrapers

CEO: Lukasz Karwacki
Headquarters: Warsaw
Years of experience: 2009
Technology expertise: Web & mobile development
Top clients: Spotify, Volvo, The Observer, Canon, ESPN, Unilever 
Python expertise: Python and Django development, Data Science
Sunscrapers offers unrivaled Python engineers, to help the world’s greatest companies drive business growth with technology. Their powerful Python projects ranging from web development to Machine Learning, If you’re looking for a team of expert Python developers to hire, Suncrapers are the best. Expertise in Python is at the backbone of that allows Sunscrapers to exist and grow, realizing its business goals in tandem with the objectives of partners. 

7. Caktus Group

CEO: Tobias McNulty
Headquarters: Durham, NC
Years of experience: 2007
Python/Technology expertise: Django development and consulting
Top clients: MDC Inc, Truth Initiative, Discovery Communications, UNICEF Innovations 
Caktus Group has been consistently delivering sharp custom web apps with their proven Success Model. Focusing on solid internal and external partnerships, they develop the most valuable features first, build scalable apps, and their sharp team does web development right. With 13 years of experience in developing Django web and SMS apps for businesses, higher education, and social good, they are impacting millions of people worldwide.

8. Eldarion

CEO: James Tauber 
Headquarters: Burlington, MA
Years of experience: 2009
Technology expertise: Python and Django web development
Top clients: Boston College, Tufts University, edX, Brill
Eldarion is transforming education, training, and scholarship through data science, open-source software, and modern web technologies. Since 2009, Eldarion has built over 100 web applications for a wide variety of clients. They have partnered with leading institutions, state governments, and startups, to design and build innovative, world-class solutions that are changing how education, scholarship, and training are done. 

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9. Django Stars

CEO: Roman Gaponov
Headquarters: Boulder
Years of experience: 2008
Technology expertise: Web & mobile development, UX/UI design
Top clients: Money Park, Molo, Scoperty, Clever Minds
Django stars perceive their businesses as their own and transform ideas into efficient digital solutions. They are the best ones to partner with when you nee software development and digital transformation. The top tech and Fortune 500 companies use their Python services to build their solutions. They are fast and provide you with clear and scalable solutions. They’ve been building Python & Django solutions for over 10 years to help their clients disrupt their industries.

10. Steelkiwi

CEO: Slava Ponomarov
Headquarters: –
Years of experience: 2011
Technology expertise: Mobile, web and UI/UI development
Top clients: Subway, Atruchecks, Yotutors, Cantho
Steelkiwi delivers end-to-end software products, from prototyping to design, development, and post-launch support and maintenance. At Steelkiwi, they build a variety of custom solutions for clients ranging from early-stage startups to established businesses. But what sets them apart is their approach to managing project success. 
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