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Top 10 Angular Blogs You Must Read

Building high performance application is the first foremost factor in Web development industry. Also, building powerful website with developer’s most loved language will always give birth to highly functional sites. Comparatively, we can’t deny the fact Angular is one of the top emerging and well established framework. So to help you with that, we thought to collect and present the top performing and useful angular blogs. Here presenting you some of the best blogs from our Angular experts and also from the leading Angular experts sites.


5 Things that Improve your Angular Codebase Right Now!

From most basic things, like how to name your files, to kind of complex topics like redux and state management. This blog will help you to discover every tricks about Angular to increase the quality of our angular applications. 



Avoid Bulk Codes Using Typescript Array
Writing a clear short code is much required skill for any developers than developing an application. So to acquire the strong knowledge in writing effective short codes, this blog provides some useful tips which can save hell lot of time from writing codes for 1000 pages.


Angular 4 Template Driven Forms : Building and Validating Forms
Looking forward the perfect guide to build  template driven form in Angular? Well, this blog got everything you need to know about Angular 4 template driven forms. Apart from form building to performing validations, this blog also suggests some valid tips to build the strong forms.


Bootstrap Modal Window In Angular Using Typescript
Typescript is a programming language which is the syntactical superset of Javascript. Typescript being purely object-oriented and helps us to write clean and scalable javascript. When we are developing complex applications many developers find it difficult to write clean and object-oriented code in JS but with Typescript it becomes easy. Typescript also provides tools like advanced autocompletion, navigation, and refactoring. And angular is also written in Typescript because of the features typescript offers.



Angular 4 Reactive Forms : Building and Validating Forms
Reactive forms come as the best choice to build complex forms. ,we can define the model of the form in the component which gives us more control over the form values and validations when compared to template-driven forms.



2 New Tools To Help With AngularJS to Angular Migrations


Many developers are embarking on the migration journey of bringing AngularJS applications up to modern-day web development standards with Angular, and there are a lot of approaches. It can be challenging to know which upgrading path is right and where to find guidance on how to migrate, but it doesn’t have to be! This blog announced two new tools that will help out Migration challenges.


Tips To Optimize Angular Application To Increase The Website Speed

On the pursuit of finding the right tactics to increase the site speed & performance of an angular application. This blog gives you the excellent results and tactics by the skilled developers that you must not miss out.


6 Best Practices & Pro Tips When Using Angular CLI
Angular CLI already got huge attention among the angular developers by extending its great supports and there are still some potential configuration improvements and best practices we can utilize from Angular CLI that can make application to be more effective and functional.


How To Make Angular Application SEO Friendly Using Pre Render
Basically, Angular is single page applications, so this platform can be beneficial for user interactions and increased conversion rates. But it’s bit challenging for a search engine optimization strategy. Basically, search engines requires plain HTML for SEO.
To be precise, Angular apps are not search engine friendly, because If you try to view the page source of regular Angular App in a browser, it will only show what’s inside the regular index.html. So if you’re too concerned about the site reachability then this blog will definitely fall on your top list.


AngularJS Best Practices And Tips By Toptal Developers

This resource contains a collection of AngularJS best practices and AngularJS tips provided by Toptal network members. Also this page will continuously updating additional information on regular basis. definitely you could find all the emerging AngularJS techniques.


Apart from the list you can also find detailed blogs of each Angular releases, the below list has some of the Angular version releases and it’s notable updates on each versions.

Angular 5 Release : What’s New?
Angular 7 Released! Track The Major Changes In Angular
Angular 6: Experts Revealing Their Favorite Feature & Who Inspired Them
Angular 6: Upgrading & Summary of New Features

Hoping these top picks of angular will definitely help you to improve your vision on angular. Paralelly, we also like to hear from your end. Post us the recent angular blogs you liked the most! so collectively we could make the large list of best angular blogs to share with the world.  We count on your results!

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