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10 Things To Know About the .NET Framework

  • By Agira Technologies
  • October 5, 2020

.NET is a framework designed to create and run software applications on Microsoft Windows. .NET application can run well on may operating systems using different implementations. It is considered as an ideal platform to develop managed software. It is easy to analyze the runtime behavior of the application. The .NET has a large class library that also provides interoperability across several languages. In this blog post, we are sharing the benefits of this .NET framework if you consider it as an option for your project. 


1. Dotnet is not just for Windows

As it is a product of Microsoft, .NET was only used for Windows. After its NET Core update in 2016, it can run on multiple platforms like Mac OS X and Linux. As it is a cross-platform it allows the developers to add new platforms to the application. It can also be used for the Internet of Things and cloud application development. .NET provides a core runtime, libraries, and compiler and are taking open source contributions to improving the software framework. 

2. Open Source

The command-line interface in the .NET framework is open source. The open source license, it enables the contributors to become part of its development. The CLI is maintained by a standard organization and can be modified according to the needs of a specific development. The source code is available on GitHub for easy download. 

3. Extensive Libraries

.NET offers an extensive collection of pre-defined libraries from simple to complex data structures. .NET is a systematic ecosystem for application development, quality assurance, migration, and reengineering. The framework supports many languages, tools, and technologies. It allows the developers to leverage the many functionalities specific to the needs and write codes into your development. .NEt also offers a dedicated library for database access, security, encryption, and a lot more. 

4. Website Tools

ASP.NET is the main tool in the .NET framework used for building websites JavaScript, server scripting, CSS, and HTML. The development focuses on the server end and is not ideal with the front end side of the development. Developers use any of the .NET languages to write ASP.NET web applications. 

5. Choice of any large companies

Many big brands use .NET Framework in thier application development. Including, Accenture, TCS, HCL, Dell, Epic systems, and other top companies. It is considered as one the most reliable framework with ever-growing acceptance and popularity among developers. Thee framework offers an easy learning curve which makes the framework suitable for individuals who are at the start of thier careers to have high-paid jobs in software development. 

6. Speed and Performance

.NET frameworks are fast as they are more likely to run at native speed. However, it is a technically powerful framework. Similar to Java it uses just in slower time compilation. The speed of the .NET can help in eliminating the startup’s delays at the very start of the development. 

7. Apps from mobile to web to windows-based

.NET framework is a standard programming framework that offers a wide range of guidelines and functionalities that can be used to build an array of applications from the desktop, web to mobile-based apps. .NET can easily work with multiple programming languages such as C++, C#, F#, and VB.NET. If you are looking to develop an application with .NET you can hire a .NET development company that can help you fulfill the needs of your application development. 

8. C# and .NET

C# is an object-oriented programming language that allows the programmers to write inside the .NET framework. It is one of the real coding languages utilized to increase efficiency and boost productivity in the development process. C# provides the developers with versioning, simple type declarations, garbage collection, scalability, type-safety, and many other features to make the development process easy and faster at minimal resources. 

9. Security

Security is one of the vital features of any software development framework. The .NET framework is way more secured than Java. For the same reason, it has grown into an ideal software framework to develop applications for banks and other kinds of financial institutions. The .NET framework has a vulnerability density of 27.2 whereas, Java is 30.0. The vulnerability density quantifies the number of errors, bugs, and defects in the simple code written by the developers. 

10. Platform Compatibility

The .NEt framework provides a set of compiler components, libraries, and runtime tools that allows the developers to build apps that can run on Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. As the source code is available on GitHub, it allows the developers to contribute to the development, and it also allows the developers to leverage the benefits of the software development framework.


To sum up, The .NET is powerful yet a standard software framework used to write applications that can run on the web, desktop, and mobile seamlessly. Studies show that the framework is only expected to grow bigger in the coming years. The framework provides a lot of beneficial features and functionalities that have higher scalability and create reliable applications. You can connect with expert developers to start your .NET application development. 

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