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The Top WooCommerce Features That You Should Know

  • By Agira Technologies
  • August 13, 2021

E-Commerce site owners have a variety of high-quality store building alternatives to select from. WooCommerce is the most popular e-commerce platform available today, according to Builtwith. What makes it such a popular choice, with it being used by 28% of all e-commerce-enabled websites? the extensive WooCommerce features.

So you’re interested in WooCommerce and would want to learn more about its features. Take a look at the list of features we’ve put up.

WooCommerce Core Features 

  • Built for WordPress
  • Sell anything, anywhere
  • Mobile friendly
  • Scalability
  • Own your data
  • Secure code
  • Worldwide community
  • Open-source software
  • Customer support
  • Documentation
  • Free and paid extension marketplace

Developer Friendly WooCommerce Features

You might be wondering if WooCommerce and WordPress are compatible. So, here are a few reasons why the platform appeals to developers.

  • Extendable: WordPress and PHP developers will feel right at home updating WooCommerce sites and building their own extensions with so many actions and filters at their fingertips.
  • Migrate With Ease: If a customer wishes to migrate from another eCommerce platform, they have a number of options available.
  • REST API: WooCommerce has a REST API, which you can enable in the WooCommerce settings section of your WordPress dashboard. Moreover, it uses a key system to restrict WordPress users’ access to your website.
  • Webhook System: As part of the API, they provide a UI for the Webhook system. Also, this makes it simple for third-party programs to quickly connect to WooCommerce.
  • Custom AJAX Endpoints: They provide Custom AJAX Endpoints to assist improve the efficiency of frontend AJAX calls (such as add to cart and checkout), allowing tasks like adding items to the cart to be completed 40% faster.
  • Github: Have you seen something that you think they should work on? Is there a flaw in the system that needs to be fixed? they’d love for you to contribute to the WooCommerce Repository if you utilize GitHub.

Design WooCommerce Features

WooCommerce is to seamlessly integrate with the current trends of basic WordPress themes. Also keep your store design contemporary and in step with current design trends.

  • Improved shop owner experience: The admin settings are easy to use on mobile devices, giving you a better user experience while updating your store on the go.
  • Integrates with WordPress content: Publishing and content are the foundations of great brands. Because WooCommerce is built on WordPress, you can effortlessly connect eCommerce with the world’s most popular blogging platform.

Shopping Cart WooCommerce Features

You can choose from five pre-installed payment gateways, including Direct Bank Transfer, Cheque Payment, Cash on Delivery, Credit Card Payments with PayPal, or Credit Card Payments with Simplify Commerce, which enables Hosted Payments. Moreover, just drag and drag them to show them in the front-end in the order you choose.

  • Take control of the checkout process: Allow or disallow guest checkout, and make all checkout procedures on your shop safe. Set specific page URLs to handle particular actions throughout the checkout process and sell to specified nations or anybody in the globe.
  • Set the default currency: Choose your default currency from a list of options.
  • Built-in geolocation support: With a page caching support option allows your business to automatically determine your customers’ addresses, simplifying shipping and tax computations.
  • Automatic taxes: By geolocating the “Default Customer Location” and displaying taxes in your store based on their location, you may display relevant pricing across your whole business.
  • Cart Behaviour: After the successful addition of a product, select whether or not to redirect to the cart page. 
  • Reduce page loading speed: WooCommerce add-to-cart buttons may employ AJAX, which means your store won’t have to refresh every time a consumer adds or modifies a product.

Product Features

WooCommerce can manage anything from one to hundreds of products, but its efficiency is highly dependent on the hosting option you select.

  • Add and manage items: Easily add products to your store, choose picture sizes for catalogs, single products, and thumbnails, and more. Also, enable a lightbox for product pictures on a per-product basis. Simple Product, Grouped Product, External/Affiliate Product, Variable Product, and Virtual/Downloadable Product are the different sorts of products.
  • Product variants: WooCommerce allows you to provide a series of variations on a product, each with its own set of pricing, stock, picture, and other options (i.e. for a product like a shirt, you can offer a large, small, etc).
  • Inventory management: Easily manage your store’s inventory, including tracking stock levels, holding goods for a time when the user cancels an order. Also, receive notifications to a custom email address (for both low and out-of-stock products), hiding out-of-stock items, and more.

Shipping features

  • Shipping Calculations: Enable shipping option choices within your store. 
  • Cart Calculator: You can enable a shipping calculator on the cart page. 
  • Shipping prices: Optionally hide shipping costs until the user enters an address. 
  • Flexible shipping destinations: Select from the shipping address and billing address, or only ship to the user billing address. 
  • Limit sales: restrict by limiting delivery destinations by country.
  • Multiple shipping methods: Flat rate, international shipping, local delivery, local pickup, and automatic, which selects the least expensive option. Also, you could even give out free delivery.
  • Numerous Shipping Zones: Create multiple shipping zones and assign any number of shipping methods to each one.

Woo-Commerce Marketing Features

  • Search Engine Optimization: WooCommerce is built on WordPress, which is widely regarded as one of the finest platforms for SEO.
  • Streamlined Coupon System: They’ve enhanced support for discounting items that include taxes. Also, there are simplified coupons to guarantee that discounts are never applied to taxes.
  • Discount Codes and coupons: To operate discounts and promotions, you can allow or prevent the usage of coupons.
  • Product reviews: Allow or disallow customers to submit product reviews on your website.
  • Owner verification: Select whether or not to accept reviews from verified customers only, and whether or not to display a verified customer badge next to reviews.

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Reporting Features

  • Reporting: Sales reports can include both net and gross earnings. They’ve added a print stylesheet to reports, as well as more information about refunds.
  • Dashboard: They put a lot of effort into making the storeowner dashboard useful. In addition, sales orders, traffic, and a status summary window at a glance are all included.
  • Analyze orders and products: Get a better understanding of your orders and goods. Also, keep track of your sales and progress.

Store Management Features

  • Control the registration of customers’ accounts: Allow consumers to register on the checkout or account pages, and/or provide a login reminder for returning customers on the checkout page. Also, allow clients to generate their username using their customer email address, making the account creation process easier.
  • Passwords generated automatically: Choose whether or not you want WooCommerce to generate client passwords automatically. 
  • Refunds with a single click: You may provide consumers painless refunds by utilizing the Simplify Commerce gateway, PayPal payment gateway, or any other supported gateway.
  • Variables in the product: Choose the unit’s weight and size. Keep your finger on the pulse of your online store with this iOS app. Thus, your shop catalog and performance data are easily accessible on your iPhone using WooCommerce iOS. In addition, the information is easily accessible and presented in a nice manner.

A Simple One Stop Solution

Above all, there are a lot of e-commerce plugins for WordPress. But WooCommerce is one of the finest. It’s free, and it has more features than many paid eCommerce plugins. Sell your products on Woo-Commerce now! Hire WooCommerce developers and experts for developing WooCommerce website, store, and custom plugin development from one of the reliable and trustworthy companies, Agira technologies.

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