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The Best Back-End Frameworks for 2021

  • By Agira Technologies
  • September 21, 2020

Frameworks are an essential part to start with application development. As the demand and supply of the app grow, backend development has become more crucial in the advent of advanced technology and data security issues. There are numerous frameworks supports by large developers all across the world, but only a handful of frameworks remain powerful and has the capabilities to deploy a scalable & sustainable application.

Although every backend framework comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. There are certain factors to consider before making the final decision. In this blog post, we will look into the popular backend frameworks according to the Stack Overflow developers survey 2020 to help you decide the best backend framework for your development. 


ASP.NET is an open source, cross-platform framework widely used for building web applications and services with .NET and C#. It is an extension of .NET with tolls and libraries for specified for the needs of the web application. It uses the Model View Controller (MVC) and web page templating syntax, Razor to create dynamic web pages using C#. ASP.NET has a multi-factor authentication which includes libraries, external authentications, and template pages for handling logins. With a large ecosystem, the developers can code in C# which will be evaluated on the server and executes client-side code written in Javascript.  

2. .NET Core

.NET Core is another open source and managed cross-platform computer software by Microsoft. Which is also one of the successors to the .NET framework. The .NET Core framework is popularly used to build different types of applications ranging from mobile, web, desktop, IoT, Machine Learning, Microservices, cloud, etc. The framework is written from scratch to make it fast, lightweight, and includes a modular architecture approach using NuGet packages. .NET Core is loved by developers for its performance, speed, reduced memory footprint which provides the applications with ease of maintenance. 

3. Express 


Express is a minimalistic yet fast node.js framework. The Express framework is used to build robust web services with the help of various HTTP utility methods and middleware. The framework is designed to build lightweight web applications and APIs. It facilitates the rapid development of dynamic web pages by allowing the HTML pages to render based on passing arguments to templates. 

4. Django

Django is a python based framework to gain so much popularity in the shortest period. It is an open source framework used in more than 10,000 projects today. The framework offers seamless collaboration with relational databases. There plenty of features that be customized for higher scalability. Django is widely used for large projects which may be the most suitable one for small projects with unnecessary features.

5. Laravel

Symfony vs laravel

Laravel is one of the popular PHP frameworks over the past few years. It is well known for building powerful web services and dynamic applications. Laravel is an open source framework that follows the MVC pattern. It is loaded with useful components needed for fully-featured backend development. With an intuitive interface, this PHP framework is well equipped with powerful command-line tools, database migration, blade template engine, CLI, and other helpful functions.

6. Spring

Spring framework

Spring is a popular Java framework which helps the developers to make the backend programs efficient. It aims to have more natural search and additional dependencies needed for individual projects. The app built with the Spring framework is fast, robust, and portable. The spring framework is easy to use and provides the stand-alone application with the help of third-party libraries with its extensive ecosystem.

7. Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails vs Django

Rails is a framework written on top of Ruby programming language. It is a server-side MVC framework used to build database structures and feature-rich web services. In Rails the data is transfer using JSON and XML format while front end pages are received in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The framework offers an extensive set of tools and present, integrations with multiple plugins and testing environment with unmatched security features.  

8. Cake PHP

cake PHP

CakePHP was introduced in 2005. it is an open source PHP framework that was intended to simplify the development, deploying, and maintenance of the application. CakePHP is based on MVC architecture which makes it easy to grasp and use for developers. It is ideal for both large and small projects with the best security features without any complicated configuration required. CakePHP is easy to learn and develop applications on rapid more. 

9. Node.js

Node.js is an open source, cross-platform, and Javascript environment used to make web applications. Node is written in C, C++, and Javascript that executes the code outside a web browser. The framework is a combination of runtime environments and numerous javascript libraries. Programming with node.js is fast to execute the code, single-threaded but also can deploy highly scalable applications. 

10. Meteor.js


Meteor is one of the most popular Javascript frameworks packed with features for backend development and was officially released in 2012. Meteor.js also has features for front-end rendering, business logic, and database management. The framework has a large ecosystem which helps in the fast development of end to end web and mobile application in JavaScript. 


These are the top 10 best backend framework which has gained enormous support and love from the developers all across the world. If you are a developer, looking to develop your skill set, learning these frameworks can add value to your resume. 

In terms of choosing a suitable framework completely depends on your project requisites. You should more likely consider all the needs with the capabilities of the framework to makes the appropriate decision. We hope, this list gives you the right direction for your web application development in 2021. 

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