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Real-Time Apps with TypeScript- Integrating Web Sockets, Node & Angular

Real-Time Apps with TypeScript: Integrating Web Sockets, Node & Angular

Nowadays real-time functionality is a mandatory functionality for web applications. Most of the customers want to see how users interact with their applications in real-time. So I thought to develop a sample ap...

Use Built In Typescript Array To Avoid Bulk Codes

Avoid Bulk Codes Using Typescript Array

Hopefully this would be the satisfied topic you will see today because am pretty sure that people whoever gathered here have must faced the tragedy of handling ‘N’ number of codes in application. Th...

Using TypeScript Dynamic Imports in Angular

Dynamic Import Expressions In Angular Using TypeScript

Dynamic import expressions are a new feature and part of ECMAScript that allows users to asynchronously request a module at any arbitrary point in your program. TC39 JavaScript committee has it’s own proposal w...