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Top 10 Golang Web Development Companies

In a fast advancing business world, scalable and high-performance web solution is the key to success. Golang is a powerful programming language managed by Google. It is the fastest growing and the most user-fri...

Golang Programming – Language for New Age Businesses

Why Golang Is So Popular Among Developers?

Golang had its incredible jump in popularity since 2016! Why do developers love working with Go?   Let’s find the reasons why we love it too. Recent studies show the popularity and adoption of Golang are ...

nodejs vs golang

Node.js vs Golang Comparison – Which is Best choice for development?

For Web development, there is an array of advanced technologies.  But, which technology to use to make the development successful? Every development process starts with this particular turmoil. The most vital ...

12 Best Golang Agile Practices We Must Follow

12 Best Practices Every Golang Developer Must Follow

This blog is aimed to act as a practical guide of Golang to implement the Go best practices and design patterns which could help the golang developers achieve the greater results. You must have already seen in ...

Building High Performance APIs In Go Using gRPC

Building High Performance APIs In Go Using gRPC

As web developers we all the know the importance of APIs in web applications, they are considered as the cornerstones of the applications. APIs directs or defines how one application can talk to another applica...

Cloud storage using StowUtils package in Golang

Cloud storage using StowUtils package in Golang

The intention of this article is to describe how to store files in cloud storage using the Golang stowutils package. How does it work? Implementations are referred to by a kind of string (like s3, google) and a...

Golang Testing Using Ginkgo

Golang Testing Using Ginkgo

Ginkgo with Golang In this blog, I am going to discuss how to perform testing using Ginkgo, and write test cases for golang functions using the same. So, continue ahead for an introduction into the much used te...

Message Queues in Golang Via RabbitMQ

Message Queues in Golang Via RabbitMQ

Golang Developers, In this article, we shall see how to implement message queues in Golang using RabbitMQ. We believe message queues are a vital component to any architecture or application. For example, some p...