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Understanding Public Vs. Permissioned Blockchain Use Cases

If you would have asked someone about blockchain a few decades ago, it would have been mocked and brushed off as something of least importance. However, with time, blockchain has evolved into a powerful network with different variations depending on the configuration and build. Simply put, blockchain can be segregated into three variants which include […]

  • Agira Technologies
    Agira Technologies
  • March 8, 2022

4 Use Cases Characteristics Ideal For A Blockchain Application

Bitcoin and Blockchain is a kind of chicken and egg. Still, it is challenging to decide on how to resolve the conflict. Crypto concepts are highly debated and always find a lucrative way of its own. To be in peace, I believe we should speak more about the Blockchain than the crypto debate. Being the […]

  • Ganapathi M
    Ganapathi M
  • August 7, 2018

Entrepreneurs: Here Are The Potential Use Cases Of Blockchain Explained Just For You

  All these years, we have been witnessing various breakthrough’s of Blockchain through its disruptive use cases. Moreover, blockchain getting its hands on all the industries, Banking, healthcare, Hospitality, Media, E-commerce, Manufacturing, Agriculture and the list goes on.   Coming to IT, Blockchain Stabilized & completely transformed IT into the whole new level. While discussing […]

  • Agira Technologies
    Agira Technologies
  • June 21, 2018