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Weekly Roundup: PostgreSQL 12 Release, Ionic React Announcements & Latest Tech Updates

Agira’s Weekly digest is to let you know what is happening in the world of technology. Get access to the popular on the web in one place. This month is filled with notable releases of technologies and version updates. Also, enjoy new and trending articles and blog posts from developers across the world. Take a […]

Mobile App Development Trends That Rule 2020

In the drastically growing commercial market, every business is extending its marketing strategy to match the higher expectations of its customers. The ever-increasing use of mobile phones may astonish you with its outstanding statistics.  Did you know that more than 28 million Mobile Applications are downloaded each second around the globe? This number should alert […]

8 Best Angular IDE To Use In 2020

Angular is a JavaScript framework used for software development. It was developed by Google and introduced in 2009. It attracted the developer community by featuring an interactive single-page app (SPA), which offers awesome user experience. Angular revolutionized the field of web development.   It allows the developers to combine JavaScript with HTML and CSS.  It also […]

How to Implement Switch Case in Python

In this blog, I’m going to explain how we can implement Switch case in python with various examples. Implementing Switch-case in Python can be done in one or more simple ways. Before getting into the ways to implement it, you should know what is that function and why it is in use. The switch case […]

Pros and Cons of Angular Development

Angular web development is one of the best and reliable JS frameworks among the others. Being introduced by Google in 2009, it has been continuously receiving warm commendations from the developers’ community. However, it is important to consider both the good and bad of Angular development when choosing the right option for our business.  Being […]

MEAN Vs LAMP Stack – Everything That You Need To Know

MEAN vs LAMP stack. When it comes to this battle, it is very obvious that Mean is more popular than lamp stack and Mern stack. But it does not mean that the lamp is less productive than Mean stack. Many people forget the fact that lamp wins when in context of free open source web […]

How To Convert Data Types in Python 3

Before going to Data type conversion in Python procedure, you should have some basic knowledge of data types. Some of the most common data types in Python are numeric, string and boolean types. There are also built-in data types in Python that are dict, list, set and frozenset, and tuple. What is data type conversion in Python? As the name says, it is […]

Top 6 Industries For Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are applied in various industries and technological advancements. It accumulates a large amount of data to help professionals in decision making and plays a vital part in the growth of any industry. The innovative professionals have identified the scope of GIS technology. And utilize it to improve the infrastructure, save time, […]

MEAN Stack Vs Full Stack – Find the right stack for your business

MEAN Stack Vs Full Stack. To understand the difference between full stack and MEAN stack, you need to know to understand the basics of it. To put in a nutshell, a full stack developer takes care of everything from backend, frontend, API and other deployment while the MEAN stack developer takes care of everything related […]

Why Your Business Needs A Web Development Service?

Web development plays important part in every aspect of a business. From long-lasting professional companies to startups, need a website to have a presence in thier marketplace. There are a number of advantages, to have a website for your business. The ultimate goal is to boost your business.  While everyone going smart and digital, there […]

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