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Reasons Why Manual Testing Is Inevitable ?

  • By Sriram Vaidhyanathan
  • March 19, 2018

Abiding latest analysis, there are a ton of speculations buzzing around the IT Industry owing to the role of Software Testing Team. Most specifically we can round up and highlight “Manual Testing.”
Gradually, Manual Testing got underrated due to the huge hype created by the “Automation “by engaging the whole life cycle of an IT Industry.
Agree with this fact or not, Manual Testing only lost its position but not the value.” Literally, People started losing their hope in “Manual Testing Jobs” and started focusing on automation.
Upgrading ourselves with new technologies are always good. But, prior to that, we should capable answering few upfront questions like what we learn? And why we should learn? Which is really take us to know the depth.
Nobody knows which technology will keep them secure for long or held them in long because we all know that technology is growing fast and getting evolved day by day.
I strongly believe no company can ensure the quality by relying only on the “Automation testing.” At the same time, I agree that Automation can cover all the elements but not deep to the core.
Manual testing can go all along the way to dig the complete errors whereas automation test sometimes fails to get inside.
Once in a while, we always need a powerful element like “Manual testing” to produce the perfect bug-free product.
Withstanding to the headline, I would like to explain it more with the deciding factors as I believe that will always add more value to this topic.
Let’s get into the factors which will conclude “why manual testing is way ahead of automation.”

Development Methodology

In the current agile methodology, Change is inevitable. We cannot let our clients to lose their industry value by following the strict protocol during the SDLC Process.
Every coin has 2 sides, there are some pros and cons, but we have to create Win-Win situation to sustain in the industry.
I personally feel this is the phase where the manual testing accelerates over automation.
Because we can’t automate the last minute changes and it’s quite a tough job to do. The Client won’t wait for longer time to push the application to production.

Project Timeline

Now a day’s no client is ready to wait more than 3 months to bring their project to live.
Irrespective of how big or small their project is, As industry experts, our role is to make a clear strategy to bring their vision into reality in a most appropriate way by putting skillful resources.
And implementing the best practices which reduce the time consumption and that results to increase the productivity. However, we cannot hold the client for long, especially when the deadline is obligated to their productivity.
In this case, without having a second option, we will ask them to opt manual testing. So we can minimize the factor of breaking the deadline.

Project Budget

People are deceived to believe the false statement that replacing a human with automation is a cost-effective solution, but it’s not true, and it cannot be applied in all the cases.
To your surprise, it is likely to be the high cost effective solution than manual testing. If we estimate the amount of cost involved in this complete automation, then it is likely to be more effective than hiring a skilled senior manual tester.
Automation is not simple; it includes the various diverse type of tools which will increase the overall budget than the estimated cost. Moreover, that the reason why some clients are not agreeing to invest in automation tools.
Instead of paying for the tools which can’t get over with critical bugs, we can hire a couple of manual testers to do the same job which will result in producing an effective solution which cost’s less.


This is the most exciting factor where all should give our special importance towards it. Aim of satisfying our clients by producing a high quality product is more important than favoring them with fewer budgets. This will bring them an immense satisfaction of choosing us for converting their vision into reality.
More often, that is the road where you can convert your one-time client into a long-lasting, trusted client. We cannot achieve this only with automation, Machines cannot run without human intervention.

Can’t we use Automation testing anywhere?

Nobody can stop you from reaching automation testing. You can always go ahead, If your project has the below factors.

• No frequent change in requirement
• If you don’t have tight schedule
• And when there is no restriction for budget



The purpose of writing this blog is not to let down the value of Automation Testing in any case. But instead wanted to portrait the importance of “Manual Testing” to the young techies who were misled by the false statements.
And if you are looking forward to more technical blogs about web development and mobile app development follow Agira Technologies a fast growing IT company, exploring upcoming technologies and exposing everything to help the right people at right time. For more queries always reach us. We love to hear from you!
Preferably, I had also insisted my manual testing colleagues to learn automation testing. Because there are no boundaries for learning, but eventually we make sure not to discriminate the value of any technology.

Known is a drop, Unknown is an ocean
Let’s dive into the sea to learn a drop. A drop which really brings value to your life.
Sriram Vaidhyanathan

Sriram Vaidhyanathan

Senior Professional | Business Analyst | Quality Analyst |Project Delivery | Senior IT consultant,With 8 plus years of extensive experience, he loves playing dynamic roles in IT. Part of his roles, he also likes to involve himself more in people management. And you can always find him telling killer jokes.