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Project Rescue

Whether it’s a mobile, web, or software development project, our project rescue team will get you back on track

Why Do Software Projects Fail?

There can be lots of reasons why a software project needs rescuing. Having worked on many project rescues or system takeovers you might be familiar with one or more of the following scenarios we’ve seen before:

Scope is not defined clearly
Lack of the right skills
Project vision is not clearly defined
Lack of project ownership
and leadership
Lack of communication
Lack of transparency
Poor software quality
Your release is behind schedule

We help you get your project back on track

Has your developer left you with an unfinished project? Is your software project running behind schedule? Are your current developers struggling or not living up to their promises? Don’t worry, you won’t be the first business to experience this and we’re here to help

Get back on schedule

Our Agile approach implies dividing your project into sprints. We will prioritize the most critical issues. Intermediate product releases will be scheduled so we can ensure your software project reaches the market in the shortest time


Get back on budget

We won’t build anything you don’t need! No hidden costs! You will have detailed access to how your budget is spent. We keep a strict evidence of the worked hours to avoid exceeding costs and going over your budget


Improve overall project quality

Our developers are experts in rescuing projects and they excel at the hottest programming languages. They will come with the best creative software solutions and implement all the desired functionalities

Agira's Rescue Process

We carefully assess and review code, identify weaknesses and repurpose to handle growth into the long term

Analyze & Identify

Once the project details are analyzed, we get the additional details that are already available with you or the client


Once complete analysis is done, we will evaluate which is important and how to prioritize the flow so that we can deliver the project on time


Our skilled developers re-engineer the already completed project to get the right product functionalities and the technical flow

Implement & Execute

We examine and provide recommended improvements for processes, procedures and policies. We implement and execute the best practice

Our Case Studies