This app will be used by doctors to record the details of the daily encounters with patients. The details include the following:

  • Where did the encounter take place?
  • When did it take place?
  • Who is the doctor?
  • Who is the patient?
  • What is the type of service provided in this encounter?
  • What is the level of service?

A simple app for doctors, office managers, billers and insurances to communicate with each other.


Design Goals

  • Minimize the time spent by users in the app.
  • Distribute the app to authorized users only.
  • Avoid ‘login’, which means that the users can write from the app to the backend but cannot read, update or delete any information, especially patient sensitive information. Why no login? Because doctors move from one hospital to another and if we avoid login, we can provide an extra layer of simplicity, but it comes at a cost, which is the design restriction above (that it is strictly a 1 way data flow from the app to the backend).


In this project we implemented with beacon support, So the doctor can easily send the encounters to the backend with less time. The Estimote provide the beacon SDK support for web and mobile app development. Using the Node. is and Mangodb to storing the data. GPS features also implemented to tracker the doctor and encounter take place.

  • Android
  • Beacon – Estimote
  • Node js
  • Mongo