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Node.JS Frameworks That Will Rule In 2020

  • By Annamalai
  • January 20, 2020

A combination of useful libraries, helpers, and needful tools that helps in creating and operating web applications are together called NodeJS frameworks. The most important aspects of node.js framework, like any web framework, are its architecture and features such as support for customization, flexibility, security, compatibility with other libraries. These are the parameters that decide the future of these frameworks. 
Rather than developing an application using native language, frameworks help in effective and wonderful app development. There are multiple frameworks available for NodeJs. Our aim is to sort the list of frameworks, which would stand for years. Here is the list of top Node JS Frameworks that will rule 2020. 
The first one which comes to our mind, when we think of Node JS Framework is Express Js.

Express JS

Express is a web application Node.JS framework developed by TJ Holowaychuk. This open-source framework provides a robust set of features for developing both web and mobile applications. Now, it is maintained by Node.Js Foundation with the help of open-source contributors. 
You can build your applications effortlessly using its minimal interface and needful tools that are essential for the development. You can create server-side web applications faster and smarter with this prebuilt Node JS framework. I call Express Js flexible because a lot of free modules are available on npm that can be directly plugged into it. 
As already said about its minimalism and flexibility, it has a simple syntax for the developer’s ease of use and highly scalable for entrepreneurs. 
In addition to this, Express has an incredible API and intentional functionality intends to assure the best performance without comprising the functionalities of Node.JS.It provides the necessary functions for developing “off-frame”. It also allows you to extend the functionality by adding middleware. You can easily start with this product as the documentation is well-written and the added advantage is that it is lightweight.

node js frameworks
Source: Sildeshare

Express is still holding its top position due to the following facts : 

  • Quick & easy development
  • High performance
  • Runs on a single thread to handle multiple concurrent requests
  • Easy to write API and interaction code
  • Streaming support
  • Monitoring possibilities
  • Authentication support
  • Lightweight, fast, and scalable

The next famous framework is HapiJs.

Hapi JS

Hapi was originally developed to handle Walmart’s Black Friday scale. But it still continues to be the proven choice for enterprise-grade backend needs. As you can build scalable applications with minimal overhead and exceptional functionality, who doesn’t want to use it? 
Being a trustworthy and stable Node.JS framework, it is used to build REST (Representational State Transfer) APIs. you can build a server with great features using Hapi’s incredible capacity. This is the reason many developers choose Hapi as their most promising Node.JS server framework.
Other notable features of Hapi includes third-party plug-ins support, authentication, caching, and I/O validation.
The best part of this framework is that this is the single framework that doesn’t base on outside assistance and provides completely centralized control over every code line.
Mainly Hapi Js is trusted for its Simplicity, Security, and Satisfaction.
Hapi has always led the way with tools to make the server secure.

Hapi JS
Source: Hapi JS

Why is Hapi more secure?

  • Hapi relies on secured settings to maintain, control and distribute code between contributors
  • Its secure defaults keep up with every Hapi component. It blocks out even the error messages like request timeouts that could leak information. It also protects server loads with payload limits.
  • Hapi provides a rich ecosystem with its official plugins (no more unknown middleware)
  • Hapi’s comprehensive Integrated Authorization and Authentication Architecture makes it the most secured Node framework.
  • It’s advanced features like encrypted cookies, secret or key rotation and HTTP security headers.
  • Eran Hammer, the author of OAuth specification and other identity protocols designed it with his high-end security expertise.
  • Hapi provides support when something goes wrong and all of its security updates are well defined and very strict.

The application will never fail in production due to runtime conflicts between extensions. Also, all extensions are safe and easy as they are properly namespaced. You can easily identify conflicts during development as everything is validated in load-time.


LoopBack is an open-source Node.Js Framework which is highly extensible and works well for Typescript too. It is based on Express which lets you create APIs and microservices quickly from the backend systems and SOAP or REST services. 
It helps to

  • Quickly create dynamic end-to-end REST APIs.
  • Connect devices and browsers to data and services.
  • Create client Apps efficiently using Android, iOS, and AngularJS SDKs. 
  • Manage files with add-on components, 3rd-party login, and OAuth2.
  • Runs on-premises or in the cloud.

Migration Support

Express is an opinionated Node.js framework. One can mount LoopBack REST API to an Express application and use it as a middleware. So, the users can efficiently use the feature of both the frameworks according to their needs.

Databases Support

It is compatible with numerous REST services and a wide variety of databases including MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, Postgres, etc.
You can see how LoopBack serves between incoming requests and outgoing integrations and acts as a composition bridge between the two. Also, you will get to know the interest of various personas in Loopback. 

Source: LoopBack

Built for API developers

  • Use OpenAPI standard to define your API endpoints and schemas.
  • Use ES2017, async / await, modules to write endpoint in Javascript.
  • Apply schemas or the endpoints that you wrote as the source of truth without generating code.

Built for teams

  • Review the changes in API endpoints without digging through JavaScript.
  • Automate the validation of your endpoints and schemas.
  • First-class support for TypeScript (strongly typed JavaScript).

Built for your platform

  • Your own platform or framework can use LoopBack as a starting point.
  • Build libraries of reusable components.
  • Integrate with databases, web services, and other platforms using connectors.

The success of LoopBack has led to the addition of many features in other frameworks. Recently, IBM API connect is now providing a graphical tool with many API composition features of StrongLoop Arc and a CLI with API management and gateway features. 

Sails JS

Build custom, enterprise-grade Node.js applications effortlessly with Sails.Js. This realtime MVC web development framework for node.js was built on Express. 
Sails.js is able to generate API bookstore. Sails give you a few basic blueprints so that you don’t need to write any code. 

sails JS
Source: Sails

Being built on NodeJS, Sails is a lightweight server-side technology which lets the developers build network applications in Javascript. Sails manage WebSockets using and handle HTTP request using Express. You can also access the raw Express or objects when you need to get low-level.  The added advantage is that the existing Express routes work well in Sails App. You can effortlessly migrate the existing Node application.

Nest JS

Nest JS is the most efficient framework to build scalable Node JS server-side applications. Being built with progressive Javascript, it completely supports Typescript. Although, You can also purely code in Javascript. It combines elements of OOP, FP, and FRP.
It efficiently makes the most out of its HTTP server frameworks including Express and can also Fastify by configuring. 
The level of abstraction is above the most Node JS frameworks mentioned above. But, it exposes their APIs to the developer directly. So, the developers can use third-party modules available for the underlying platform 


Apart from these frameworks, there are few more frameworks like Total Js, Keystone Js which were residing on the queue still. 
Most of the attention to Node.js ecosystem is majorly due to its exceptional features and efficiency. With a number of industries continuously increasing its usage upon their platforms, the Node.js framework is observing good growth and business efficiency. But for better application development, we have to decide the framework based on the application need and its implementation strategy needed.

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