MEAN Vs LAMP Which Is Your Next Programming Project
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MEAN Vs LAMP Which Is Your Next Programming Project

MEAN VS LAMP Choosing the right one for your web application is one of the critical and challenging issues involved while developing web applications. There are many stacks available for the web development.

Out of many available tech stacks, MEAN and LAMP definitely have their places at the top.

The war between MEAN and LAMP started long back and still continues. Choosing one of them is entirely depends on your project needs.

Here in this blog, we like to portrait the exact picture of both languages and its major differences and benefits.


Mean is a collection of JavaScript languages instead you may call it as the hub of JavaScript software stack development.
Especially, the acronym of MEAN stands for MongoDB, Express JS, Angular JS, and Node JS is an open source web development platform that provides robust features for developing applications.


An open source web development framework that helps to build a reliable and secure application. In addition, it constantly extends its supports to dynamic database driven websites.

  • Handles Linux as an operating system.
  • Apache for a Web server.
  • MySQL as relational database management system (RDBMS), object-oriented scripting language.

While it’s aged, the development is still substantial growth.
Note: The LAMP stack can be modified to supplant MySQL with MongoDB, and PHP with Python.


Major Differences and Hindrances Between MEAN Vs LAMP


Ease of Access

  • In MEAN, MongoDB offers adaptable obliging layer to store data.
    • Node.js gives a superior nexus to run your server.
    • Express.js stabilizes the way you build your site.
    • AngularJS offers great support for adding lucrative functionalities.
  • After all, set up altogether! Now they make a perfect rational system to move information from user to disk and continues performing cyclically.
  • Lamp allows the interaction between end users and source. Due to the open source web development, it can possibly adjust to suit their necessities.
  • Utilization of PHP and MySQL will help and supports for simple coding. Even allows newbies to build it efficiently.
  • The deployment part is quite simple than you think! It utilizes the PHP as a standard APACHE module and transfers the PHP files through a MySQL Database to APACHE.


Secure and Reliable

  • MEAN stacks ordinarily run faster, yet require significant additional time and server detail to observe the structure.
  • LAMP stacks are genuine that comes with most secure architecture.


Technologies Involved

  • LAMP fundamentally works on PHP which incorporates Word Press and the Laravel system.
  • MEAN uses ExpressJS/ NodeJS as the backend and AngularJS for the frontend.


And if you need a precise solution,


LAMP  is more conventional and holds it’s value over the years. It helps out individuals who simply need to get sites online without an excess of stresses. MEAN, a full-stack JavaScript, the new champ jump into this battle and gradually it becomes the top priority of new companies that tend to push the limits of web application development.

Both has its pro’s & con’s, so figure it out based on your project requirements. And if you are looking forward to create your next project on LAMP or MEAN.

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