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Legacy systems are vital to an organization. These age-old systems that have supported the organizational activities for so long, are inevitably going to pose challenges after a point in time, since they were designed, developed and implemented in an environment in the past, which is different from the current environment.

Challenges posed by Legacy Systems

– Outdated underlying technicalities/hardware –

– Outdated software –

– Business model evolution –

– Business model transformation –

– Legalities and regulation changes –

– Market position –

– Strategy remodeling –

– Scalability –

We, at Agira, offer Legacy revitalization services wherein the legacy system is respected enough to evolve or migrate into a fresh and matured system that will meet the current and forecasted future needs of the business.

Agira’s expert steps at Legacy Revitalization

Project Commencement

This is where the Legacy system’s assessment takes place. The infrastructure and architecture is assessed and the ‘as-is’ knowledge is gathered.

Architectural Knowledge Extraction

In this phase, ideally, complete knowledge of the legacy system is transferred to our experts. But, since, legacy systems are quite old, it might not be possible for the obligatory development team to be accessible. Also, the organization might not be able to completely explain the technicalities of the system, and therefore, in this phase, our team of experts will work intensively to gather all knowledge pertaining to the legacy system.

Critical Evaluation

The entire architecture of the legacy system is studied in detail, including functionalities and the technical components. The legacy system is evaluated so as to determine the action to be taken. This phase is important for further phases to be executed properly.

Migration Solution

Once evaluated, the migration plan is drafted. This is the solutioning phase, where the following are determined:

A) Technical stack/components,
B) Evolving application and
business architecture
C) ‘To-be’ technical and deployment architecture


In this phase, the developed modules are staged into the QA zone for testing purposes.

Agile Development

The migration solution plan shall act as the development blueprint for the Legacy Reviatlization. Accordingly, development of chosen modules will begin.

Periodic Review

Regular meetings and reviews between Agira’s development team and the organization ensures that the evolving system is always in par with the requirements specified, and in par with client satisfactio

Data Migration

This is an important step, since the entire business and the systems revolve around the data related. Hence, data migration is to be performed with utmost care of work during migration.

Critical Validation

Validation of the evolved modules against the legacy ‘as-is’ modules

Going Live

This is the production phase, where the evolved system developed by our experts goes live.
Legacy Revitalization

Revitalization Support

Our experts provide all form of support required for the use and maintenance of the evolved or migrated system, so that the client organization can focus on the functionalities of the business without hassles.

Our capabilities with the tools and technology, development/migration methodologies, and open source platforms, enable us to deliver the best possible modernized solutions for our clients. We could incrementally roll-out the changes in existing production environment, manage the dependencies until the final cut-over without impacting the customer business.


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