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MongoDB vs Firebase comparison

MongoDB vs Firebase. Which is Better For Your Business

MongoDB vs Firebase. When comparing MongoDB and Firebase, it is important to consider all the factors related to Document database. For an entrepreneur, choosing a technology stack can be a difficult thing. It ...

weekly roundup

Weekly Roundup: Laravel 6.7.0 Release, Go Ultimate Guides & Latest Tech News

If you are a fan of the programming, we have got a lot of new hot releases this week. Every one of us wants to stay up to date with the latest technology news and viral articles around the web. Finding these ar...

Agira's Fiesta 2019 - Adventurous Getaway to Sholay's Ramanagara

Agira’s Fiesta 2019 – Adventurous Getaway to Sholay’s Ramanagara

As a part of Agira’s fourth successful anniversary celebrations, we planned for a team outing to commemorate our fiesta unforgettably delightful. Getting started with the right place to celebrate, we cond...

investor tips

7 Essential Tips To Perfectly Pitch To Investors

Money plays an important role in the growth of any business regardless of its type. Especially in the case of startups, the investor is the one gives a twist to the storyline of the startup stories. Not every s...

How to debug your Python app in docker

How To Debug Your Python Flask App In Docker Container

Debugging Python applications in the Docker containers.  In this blog, we kick start with pdb, Flask, Gunicorn, to dissect the process of debugging.Docker is a container packaging system that uses, virtualizat...

Automation testing with Selenium webdriver

Automation Testing With Selenium WebDriver

Tired of repeating the tests after each deployment? If you want to make your application testing easier, you’re at the right place.Selenium is an open source framework for making automation testing simpl...


Weekly Roundup: Django, Ruby Version Release, Latest Tech News & Updates

What’s new in programming? Searching for Technology updates? Yes!This week we brought you some noteworthy releases in development technologies. Enjoy the trending blogs and perspectives in the developer’s comm...

Angular date pipe

How to Use Angular DatePipe With Timezone Examples

The Angular DatePipe is used for formatting date according to the given data formats, locale information, and timezone.  Applications need input data to show the desired information on the screen. Angular devel...

Python for data sciences

Why is Python Best for Data Sciences ?

Python for data sciences is well known as an on-demand course nowadays due to it’s increased use and effectiveness. As you can see the growing trend of Python in google trends. In 2019, Python has got heightene...

Introduction to Topology

Introduction To Topology – GIS File Types and Spatial Data

Have you heard about Topology before? If you have! Great! If you are new to this topic. This blog will introduce to topology and explain its relation between the Geographical Information Systems and the geodata...