Internet of Things(IOT) : Trends, Challenges and Future Scope - 2018

Internet of Things(IoT) : A Network of Everything

Today wherever we go, we hear a term called “IoT” which is creating more buzz in the list of emerging technologies in embraced by many big brands, consumers, and startups paving way for lots of innovation in technology.


On a lazy morning, our biggest problem is waking up from bed to on/off the fan. Luckily we have got the solution for this kind of problems in the form of IOT. IOT may sound new to many, but we have already leveraged IOT in our daily life. Many things around us are connected to each other through Internet of Things. It has been here for many years. Internet Of Things History shows the complete history from the beginning to the present. It states the concept of Internet of Things started back in 1832 when an electromagnetic telegraph was created by Baron Schilling in Russia.


The below graph shows how Internet of Things is gaining interest and growing bigger day by day.



Internet of Things can be defined as a  network that allows things around us to interconnect and talk to each other. We live in a smart world. Things around us are smart, smart watch, smart T.V, smart mobile and more. The future of IOT is vast, We can experience it from the minute we wake up. Let me explain how IOT can bring magic into our lives in the near future.


Your Alarm may get synced with your calendar and wakes you up accordingly. Once you wake up it may quickly send a signal to your water heater and your water heater is ready with the hot water, that too would have adjusted the heat according to the temperature.


By the time you finish the bath, your coffee machine has already got the signal and busy in preparing your favorite coffee. Meanwhile, you have already alerted your car with your smartphone and by the time you lock your door it is waiting at your gate. Now you are all set to go. Wait, your refrigerator has sent you an alert that you are running out of milk in the refrigerator.

Check out this video which shows how IoT connected Smart Home will be and how it makes your life easier:

This sounds like a daydream, but most of this will come into existence in near future with Internet of Things. Here is the list of some already available IOT devices for making your home a smart home.

Not only at home, IOT has potential to bring changes in the Business, Healthcare, Education and all other industries.

Let us see how IOT influences each industry:


The interconnection of millions of devices in real-time will make the collection of valuable data and provide real-time insights for merchants. Key applications of IOT in retail industry also include supply chain and smart store applications.


IOT can bring a big revolution in the process of treatment and diagnosis of diseases. Embedding the medical equipment with IOT devices will help to monitor the patients more effectively. Personal fitness and wellness trackers are already gaining popularity. Remote patient monitoring will also become more efficient with IOT.


IOT connected smart cars are already in the market. Driverless cars and other automobiles are going to rule the future. Already many big companies are pouring money into this IOT connected smart cars and developed them. Soon we might see them on our roads. A study by BI expects that there will be around 94 million connected cars by 2021.


Internet of Things Wearable devices is the future. You can control your car with a smartwatch like automatically parking it and for closing or to open the doors. Your wearable device may also detect the dangers around you. We already have devices that track our activity and exercise habits. In near future, we may also be able to easily track our calorie intake and eating habits automatically. So everything is going to be easy except that making everything easy is tough. Let’s discuss more on wearable devices in my next blog. Here are some examples of IOT wearable devices that are already available in the market.

This clearly shows that the IOT is the next big thing. Many companies have already created path-breaking products using the Internet of Things. Not only for Big companies IOT has provided many big opportunities for many start-ups too. Internet of Things – Top Opportunities for startups article provides you the information about the fast-growing Internet of Things startups.

Challenges we have to deal :

Despite huge opportunities and possibilities in IOT. There are some challenges involved like complexity, Privacy and Security issues, Data storage Issues and some more. But there are also ways with which we can overcome them. Blockchain also plays a major part in the Internet of Things it enhances the security, makes transactions more seamless and creates efficiencies in the supply chain.

Security & Privacy concerns:

With IOT huge numbers of devices are connected to each other. Even, one poorly designed device can cause the security issues like data theft and possibilities of hacking the other devices will increase. This also raises the data privacy issues, since huge amount of personal data is collected by IOT devices. Sometimes the end user may not even be aware of what data the devices are collecting from them.



Issues on how devices perform without internet or connectivity should also be considered when developing the devices. Making the device to perform in the similar way without the connectivity is also a challenge.



Since IOT requires lot of devices to be interconnected the devices should be made compatible with each other. This needs the special hardware and software design.


There are no proper standards followed or available for developing IOT devices. This may lead to the poorly designed and developed IOT devices which will in turn cause security and other major issues. At least in the future strong standards and best practices should be followed to develop IOT devices.


Intelligent Data Analysis:

A Huge amount of data should be analyzed to make the required actions. Even a small data flaws can cause the false assumptions. Handling unstructured data is also a big challenge.


The possibilities are endless! Internet of Things has already started transforming different industries and how they do their business. Industries like Manufacturing, Transport, Agriculture, Healthcare, Retail, Infrastructure, Logistics, Banks etc are going to get benefited hugely from Internet of Things.Experts are focusing on using these IOT smart systems to better their business. The size of Internet of Things is definitely going to increase massively in future. A research expected that approximately there will be more than 24 billion IoT devices on Earth by 2020. This article is to make you understand the potential of IOT and how it’s going to change the future. There is much you have to learn about IOT. At our company, we constantly research the new possibilities in IOT and gained enough knowledge to build the next big product in IOT.

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  1. The Internet of Things (IoT) is worldwide network of interconnected objects, uniquely addressable and based on standard communication protocols. It is about the integration of traditional technologies such as radio frequency identifiers (RFID), sensors, microcontrollers, actuators, bar codes, global positioning system (GPS), satellite technology, internet protocols, etc into applications.

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