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Improve Your Information Security In Three Easy Steps

  • By Agira Technologies
  • March 3, 2021

Cybersecurity is critical to every enterprise as it encompasses everything that we need to protect our sensitive data from theft and damage.

Cybersecurity risks are growing, driven by global networking and cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services, to store confidential data and personal information. Widely weak cloud storage configuration combined with highly advanced cybercriminals increases the possibility of your company suffering from a successful cyber-attack or data theft is on the rise.

Why Information Security Matters?

A study by the University of Maryland shows that the hackers target users every 39 seconds, an average of 2,244 times a day. And this will only rise in 2021 due to several non-secure processes and practices.

several sensitive files and personal information fall into a hole indicating that 95 percent of cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error
Source: Varanis

A range of huge organizations and businesses are adopting tighter safety ratings by risk evaluations designed to counter complex and broad-based risks.

In 2021, IT teams plan their budgets and business cases for more significant investment in network protection, data, and other properties, increasingly based on their IT Security Ratings.

Many security firms have methodologies and technology that allow companies to determine how safe their data systems and assets are.

After a catastrophic year due to a global pandemic with a weakened economy, cyber-security experts suggest 3 measures to ensure that networks, data, and apps are secured.

1. Protection in Work From Home Devices

Many organizations that worked with third parties before the pandemic suffered a rush in sudden digital transformation. They were not ready when the pandemic hit and dealt with the digital transformation bang on short notice. Moreover, they had to accelerate their plans for digital transformation to comply with Work from Home practices.

Passwords will not be enough to hold foreign hackers out by 2020. The additional identity, MFA (Multi-factor Authentification) makes is the first step in your path to increase your safe ranking.

Engaging with an organization that knows how to evaluate vendors’ welfare and potential safety can quickly get the IT team up to the learning curve. Companies must rapidly adapt to changes and innovations in this modern world with a new range of challenges.

2. Implement Continuous Cybersecurity Monitoring

After completing the security score process, the second step is to implement continuous cybersecurity monitoring to prevent costly breaches. A protection scorecard is necessary at least once a year and possibly following plans and budgets.

Given the uncertainty and continuing threat, the organizations are more vulnerable than ever. Thereby, a monthly analysis is recommended and should therefore be as automated as possible.

3. Build Efficient Security Reporting

The third significant move is to become a specialist in security reporting.

To be efficient and effective, entrepreneurs and their teams must develop a common language and reporting framework. Doing this helps communicate risk to executives and board members, who are legally obliged to protect their organizations’ status and assets. 

Using reliable data and KPIs, companies can demonstrate the value of cybersecurity initiatives, including investment in Privileged Access Management. Doing this allows access to only those who should have the privilege to access them.

Exercising a risk strategy that gives preference to internal & third-party security problems and tackles the cloud-based environment. In addition to defending against external attacks, allows companies to promote enterprise functionality while showing cost savings. After the pandemic, companies and government departments must strike the correct balance between cost savings and high-quality cybersecurity platforms.

These are just a few of the first steps you can take to start improving your Secure Score. But you’re not supposed to stop there. Staying safe is a continuous task. The moment you stand still, you’re falling behind by putting your business at risk. That’s why we’re continually working hard to help businesses like yours stay secure.

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