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How to Build First Web application in ERPNext

  • By Vishnu Durga
  • September 9, 2020

ERPNext is an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software. Open-source software developed by Frappe Technologies. Manufacturers, Distributors, and service-based companies widely use ERP Next. It has some default modules for various aspects such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales Management(Purchase, Point of sale, Warehouse, Inventory, Accounting, etc.), HR & Employee Management, and Project Management. It also has some Specific modules like School Management, Agriculture Management, Library Management, etc.

Install ERP Next

ERPNext had some dependencies such as Maria DB, Python Server-side framework. For install, ERPNext follow the steps to the given link below Install ERP Next

Note: If you are a Windows user, install Virtual Machine and Ubuntu instance and follow the steps above for installing ERPNext.

After Installing ERPNext Apps & Bench Creation. Create a New site in ERPNext and start bench.

To Create a New site in ERPNext.

bench new-site [Site_Name]

After Completing the installation and new site creation, Framework Desk will be looking like this,

First, we need to build a Theme park Official customized site using ERP Next.

The above image represents the homepage of the theme park official site.

This page contains the details of the games for which users can book the tickets.

Now We created the Entry Ticket application for the Theme park

(Note: The site will be created with the name “booking,” and the app with the name “Rpark”.)

Step 1: To Create a New Application

bench new-app Rpark

Step 2: After Creating Application Install ERPNext in the live site.

bench --site booking install-app Rpark

App Structure

You should set up a built-in python file snippet while creating an app.

Step 3: Create a Web application for managing the games in theme parks for the customers. Now, you have to create a new Doctype for organizing the games and to encourage customers to buy the entry ticket.

1. Games

2. Ticket Entry (For Managing Customers)

Step 4: Create a simple package for managing the games & Customers in the Theme park, and online booking customers list is also viewed using booking doctrines. Ensure all the data sources are managed in a single database. So you can access it easily.

Step 5: This form helps in the registration when a customer enters the theme park.

Step 6: Print the Entry Ticket for Customers

Step 7: To Generate a Report for Customers Management.

Step 8: Kanban View for an easy understanding of the customers.


ERPNext is easy to customize. Moreover, it allows you to use different modules and widely used in multiple industries. Following the steps in the post, you can customize the software according to your business needs.

Vishnu Durga

Vishnu Durga is a passionate GIS analyst at Agira Technologies. Enabling her strategic insights in GIS, and data intelligence she has assisted numerous businesses in planning and to make informed business decisions. Apart from data collection and management, she loves to do some art in her leisure moments.