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How to Build a Real Estate Web Application

  • By Agira Technologies
  • June 16, 2020

Real estate is one of the booming businesses that are never affected by any of the economical situations. Despite the fact that the worldwide pandemic, it is important for every business to take a step towards its digital presence to target their customers more efficiently. Businesses irrespective of the industry need to make the most out of the technology to provide the best possible solution to their customers. 
Building a real estate web application can bring a handful of advantages to your business. Here is your guide on how to build a real estate web platform, its core features, and the Add-Ons.


How to build a Real Estate Web Application

As most of the people of this era rely on the internet to buy anything, building a real estate application can bring you a lot of ways to monetize your web or mobile application. There are only three steps to build a web or mobile application despite any industry or business logic. These are the fundamental steps.

  1. Choose the right technology and tools for building your application
  2. List out the most essential features that your application requires to run efficiently
  3. Ways to monetize your Real estate application
  4. Finding a skilled web and mobile application developer or development company.

This blog will help you make the right decisions on each of the steps given above to enhance your real estate business growth. 
There are many types of real estate web applications and you will need to choose a type that suits your preferences. The fast-growing real estate industry provides you with great potential to earn more from it. As an entrepreneur, you will need to know how the industry works and what are the type of real estate web applications that are now available in the market. 
One of the most popularly known real estate business applications is the Real Estate Market place. It is the best type of real estate business application as there are numerous ways to monetize your application. 
Some of the other types are property management solutions, brokerage companies and many others are present in the industry. 
When it comes to choosing the right technology, It is not easy to pick one for your business because it is the foundation of the web application. So, it is better to leave this part to the experts. Consult the best technology solutions company or contact Agira technologies by filling in our contact form. Our experts will call you back with the best solutions that fit your needs. 

Must-Have Real Estate Application Features

There are many interesting features when it comes to real estate web or mobile applications. Here is the list of all the top must-have features of Real Estate Application. The features that are mentioned below are essential for the real estate application to run smoothly. As an entrepreneur, it is important to understand that adding more add-On features to your web or mobile application takes more time and money to develop your application. If you are a start-up, it is better to opt for a minimum viable product with only essential features. You can add more features one by one as your business grows and in-line with your customer requirements.

  1. Efficient Search option
  2. IDX integration
  3. Google Maps integration
  4. CRM 
  5. Appointment scheduling
  6. Home valuation page
  7. Listing Page
  8. Contact Page
  9. User Registration
  10. Customer Support

Real Estate Application – Add-On Features

  1. Search engine optimization
  2. Multi-lingual support
  3. Blogs/content marketing
  4. Social media integration
  5. Advanced search and filter options
  6. Payment integration system

There are many ways to monetize your real estate web or mobile application. Some of the top ways to monetize your application are loyalty programs, premium membership, listing commissions, advertisements, sponsored listing, and lead generation commission. You can add additional features one by one for monetizing your real estate application.
Once the features are fixed for your real estate mobile application, you will need to find the right web application development company that can cater to the requirements of your business and its users. It can be a tough and daunting task to find the best technology specialist, but you are already in the right place.
We, Agira technologies are a technology solution company with business services and domain solutions that support global clients who comprise the current world economy. Some of the exclusive services that we offer are web development, mobile app development, Blockchain, IoT, and DevOps Consulting.
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