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Golang Development

Golang – A Modern Programming Language For Modern Development

Golang is composed explicitly for the cloud platforms, has been developing in a great fame because of its authority in API layer with simultaneous operations and the excellence of its development. At Agira, as a top notch Golang development company, we develop software and web based projects using google go language. We have experts in golang who can help and take care of your projects.


The standard library comes along  with Golang is unimaginably robust, and unless the application demands something industry specific or very niche, there’s a best probability that the standard library has a best solution – or the first few stepping stones to help the team build a great solution.

Why Golang

Simple Compiled Language

Synchronous Programming Model

Good Standard Library

Concurrency Enablement

Garbage Collection


Golang has overcome the following challenges faced by the ancestral programming languages:

  • Memory management bottlenecks
  • So Unwieldy type systems
  • Insufficient multi-core and parallel computation support
  • Dependency Management

“Concurrency” is built in to the programming language. Goroutines & lightweight threads make multi-threading incredibly easy.

In our experience we found using Golang is easier for startups, small and medium enterprises, because they could gain the luxury of not entrenched code base that they need to work with. So we could predict two future big wins for Golang. One would be a significant use and appreciation of Golang by an existing large enterprise/software company other than Google. Another happening would be a significant IPO or full acquisition of a startup that primarily uses Golang in thier technology stack. These are both indirect: clearly choice of programming language to develop your vision is a very small but significant factor in the success of a company. But it is a better way  to show that Golang can be part of a successful software system for visionaries.

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